Globally Employable

I am Globally Employable and in a very short time you can get paid to blow things up, dive in black waters around the world, protect dignitaries and respond to natural and man-made disasters. In other words, be Globally Employable.

Warning!  This web site may just get you killed!  But then you're dying a slow painful death driving to and from a job you hate anyway.
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My name is Steve Cassidy and I'm a former member of the US Navy's Elite Bomb Squad, Navy EOD. I travel globally and across the US doing, what most people consider, some of the most dangerous yet best paying jobs out there.

I learned at an early age that there was one thing I couldn’t stand: Someone telling me what I can or can’t do! I believe most people feel that way. I just took the leap of faith, decided to follow my own path and did it my way. I am Globally Employable!

UXO work in Papua New Guinea
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Get Your Life Back!

What’s in this web site for you? Honestly, only you can decide that. You may just be looking for a job, dead-end employment and careers in something mundane to just pay the bills.  I suggest you take a look around Globally Employable for some alternative ideas.

Some of my friends that have taken my advice are making over a 6 figure income and more importantly, enjoying freedom in their new found employable life with only one month of training! What I hope is that at a minimum, you’ll find one or two gold nuggets that you can use in your day to day life that will help get you back in control of your life or you’ll go whole hog and come to the dark side to be Globally Employable.

Currently, the economy sucks. Many people are under-employed or unemployed. For some, it's been an impossible situation. For me, I couldn’t tell because I have my own economy. I get to chose where and when I want to work. I have control.

Shooting the HK 416 at Blackwater
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After several years at a Fortune 75 company, wearing a suit and tolerating office politics, I’m back to traveling to all the "Interesting" places around the globe and having the time of my life.

In the past few years I’ve had the great fortune of working in places like Niger Africa, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Stuttgart, California, South Carolina, Florida and have traveled through places like Australia, France, Kuwait and Dubai.

As I've built this site, I’ve worked and stayed at the 5 Star El Conquistador Resort in Puerto Rico, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Lakehurst, NJ where the Hindenburg burned in, the Hanford Nuclear Facility in Richland, Washington, Florida and Florida Keys, dove for UXO in the Port of Seattle, consulted in San Antonio as well as vacationed for 10 days in Italy and the Florida Keys.

The list of people is growing that have taken my advice and became Globally Employable. I'm honored to know these folks and it's been incredible watching them grow, living by their own rules, turning their backs on corporate America and making some grown up money!

Help yourself to all the information you'll find in here. Share it with your friends. As that sick feeling grows in your stomach as you drive to and from work, drop me a line and I'll try to get you pointed in the right direction for you to make the right changes for you and begin the process of being Globally Employable.

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