July 2011

I'd like to extend a big Thank you and Welcome to all of the new subscribers that have joined us since the last posting.

I've added some new sections to the site, one is another potential revenue stream and the others are to help you when you travel. I've also added Facebook "Like" icons to the top of each page and comments sections to the bottom of each. I've even launched a new website to support our (SGC Group) online training portal.

The last few weeks have been crazy for me personally. I spent over 6 weeks in Puerto Rico as the Safety and QC Supervisor for a UXO job. The team and I stayed at the El Conquistador again. It's a Waldorf Astoria resort owned by Hilton. Walked away with over 300,000 Hilton Honors points and the resort comped a meal for me and James. The tab was in excess of $900!

Soon after arriving back home, we (SGC Group) began working on a contract that we were awarded by Special Forces to train 13 federal agents prior to their deployment to Afghanistan. I shipped a total of 132 pounds of IED training devices out to be used for the training.

When you're preparing for a contract, you're not getting paid. For those of you that own or have a owned a business, you understand. I had pay coming in from the Puerto Rico job but I was also able to pick up some more work serving Subpoenas correctly referred to as Process Serving.

I made $700 in 2 days, was able to hang out with a great friend that I also paid to help me deliver the subpoenas. It's 1099 income which is the most tax-advantaged way to earn money and I met some really cool people along the way.

A couple of weeks later, the attorney called back for another subpoena. $110 for a drive across town. The good part is, this last subpoena I delivered was the most important one for a case. I delivered it within an hour of picking it up. This made the attorney happy (my biggest concern) so I'm sure he'll call me back for repeat business. Additional revenue!

If you do decide to get into this business, the key to success that I've found is to be nice. Everyone I met along the way was great. Had some good sit down time with people I'd have never met otherwise.

I've added the Legal Jobs section to the site to support Process Serving and how I did it. I also put in a PDF brochure that I use in the local market.

So let's give something away! For the first 5 people to Facebook "Like" the page and post a comment on the bottom, I'll create a brochure or resume for you. Your choice. You may not want to serve Subpoenas but I want to do something for you in return.

In addition, I'll give you more entries in the UXO drawing this way: The first to comment on Legal Jobs gets 500 entries, 2nd gets 400, 3rd gets 300, 4th gets 200 and 5th gets 100 entries.

UXO School for FREE


While we're talking about UXO school, I wanted to address something that I see in the industry that gives me a bit of concern.

I have friends that are Tech I's that are working and have just recently turned down jobs and at the same time I hear from others that the market is flooded with UXO Tech I's. So which is it?

All of the "complaints" I hear all originate from the same job posting board on Facebook. Peggy Miller, the moderator, is doing a great job posting opportunities. I don't know if Peggy gets this newsletter but Thank You for all that you do.

You can't look for work in the same place that everyone else is looking. There are companies that will not post jobs on Facebook. FB can be fun, interactive and great way to keep up with friends but I'm not going there exclusively to look for work.

Be proactive not reactive in your job/contract search. I love Indeed.com for finding jobs but it's not the only place I look.

When I'm on Indeed.com, I'm searching all of my skill sets. All of UXO Techs have our HAZWOPER. Have you done a search for just that? How about HAZWOPER Supervisor? TWIC? Construction Supervisor? Check them out here!

The jobs out there. Also, you may want to join Linkedin.com. It's free but it's business driven. I've been there longer than FB.


I love travel! OK! it's obvious. Why else would I start a site called Globally Employable if I didn't leave the neighborhood.

I walked away with over 300,000 Hilton Honors points and I still have close to 90,000 Priority Club/ Holiday Inn points. I also have a free round trip flight with Southwest, very close with Delta, Continental and American Airlines.

Do you want to travel for free and earn points even if you're not traveling?

Frequent Flyer MasteryI had the benefit of beginning my traveling while I was stationed in Italy as Navy EOD but I didn't really start understanding the system until I read Frequent Flyer Mastery. This book will absolutely split the sky open for you when it comes to travel or earning travel points while you're home! This is one of the books that I continue to re-read as I build my travel bank.

I'm traveling again soon. For vacation and for work! Our vacation hotel stay is free and kids eat free saving me even more. I'll be staying at a Holiday Inn for work to solidify my Platinum status for 2013. 2012 is already done! And I'll be renting from Avis with my discount coupons from a previous job which will add points to my Hilton Honors.

Closing Work

I don't wish for bad events but it is the season. Hurricanes! Be sure to get your State Armed Guard license, handgun carry permit and get registered on Retired Law Man. This is the sign up portal for Armor Group's disaster response list. It's great money!

Whichever direction you're heading, be safe and let me know if you have questions along the way or if you find yourself doing something that should be listed on here!

Thanks to all of you,


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Go to UXO School for Free? That's Right! UXO School for FREE! (You're getting paid to blow stuff up after you graduate.)

The UXO industry has been great for me and many of my friends. You can read about them under the Success Stories section. Where else can you go to school for 4 weeks and have the ability to make in excess of $100,000 in addition to having a change of scenery and work with explosives!

UXO School Giveaway Brochure

I'm still working out the final details but here's what I have now: There is absolutely no requirement to purchase anything from me in order to win. To get your name in the drawing, I must have some kind of communication with you whether it's through the Contact Me page or your submit a question to our FAQ or actually take a course through us.

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The drawing for UXO School will be in July 4, 2012!

Can't wait that long to win something? I can't wait to give something away between now and then!

Here's some other things will be giving away:

AK 47 Shoot with me and my team from SGC Group.

Radiation Dosimeter Badges

Some of my favorite books that made a significant impact on my life such as Think & Grow Rich, Greatest Salesman in the World, Atlas Shrugged, 4 Hour Work Week, etc.

2 room nights at a Hilton property of your choice- Brian D. of VA has won 2 free nights at the Holiday Inn Property of his choice.

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I'm working out the details for more training that will given away.

Now's your chance to get UXO school for Free! Take advantage of all of the "No Purchase Necessary" ways to win.

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Steve Cassidy