That's It

I have the great fortune of traveling due to work and periodic vacations and the most exciting part of it all is meeting all of the really cool people that are out there.

It all usually starts with minor chit chat at the hotel bar about being here for work or for vacation and then on to what exactly they do at work. I'm a fairly active listener and what I've found is that people either "I Love what I (they) do!" or "I (they) don't really like my (their) job but it pays the bills."

I'm not really sure which one of the two are better off.

For me, red flags fly when someone tells me they love what they do. I want to get a calendar out and guess how long they'll be in that business as they continue to justify their love of their job.

I'm sure some people love what they do but I believe it's rare. Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, pick any President. I'm leaving athletes, doctors and attorneys off this list. Pro athletes have a very short life span in their chosen career. Physicians have some intrinsic or altruistic reason for helping people which usually subsides after they realize the system is broken and the majority of their patients are lazy-whinny-drug-seeking-bull-shit-artists. Attorneys? Really?

When someone tells me they're paying the bills or trying to get by, I truly admire them for doing something that sucks. I've painted buildings and worked in a warehouse while getting my business off the ground. I guess it's part of paying your dues or possible hope for the poor and a warning to the rich…Your station in life is temporary.

I played college football but I didn't love it. Now, I did take great enjoyment in playing the intellect game of hitting the guy in front of me. I'd describe it as the game within the game. You can hit a Linebacker as hard as you can but what's the point? They can take the shot. True delight is achieved when you're just in their way and they can't get around you. They get really mad.

Even with that, I don't think I loved it. It just happened to be where I was at the time or maybe it fell into the category of it sucks but it pays the bills (tuition) or even you really have to play college ball before going pro. It's just part of the process.

Have you ever been shopping at Home Depot because something at the house broke and you have to fix it but don't know what tool you really need?

You're strolling along the isle not finding any help (different story repeated many times) when you see exactly what you need. For ladies, (I know I'm getting trouble for this.) maybe it's when you see that one pair of shoes…There's a glow around it. It stands out from all of the others...

"That's it!"

I was a little over 2 years in the Navy and was working out so that I could attend BUD/S. Knew some of the Team guys and we would hoist beers on occasion. They just never seemed to relax. Have you ever seen someone with veins popping out of their head and neck and say, "I am relaxed!!!" It's funny. Kinda like not hitting a linebacker.

Inside, I'm thinking that BUD/S is going to suck but not suck as bad as the regular Navy. Or at least suck so bad on a completely whole new level that life as we know it ceases to exist. It's also more fun to have "suck really bad days" in good company. Everyone shares in the wealth or the crap.

One sunny afternoon, after lunch, I see a guy that is dressed like a SEAL but had the George Jefferson Moving On Up strut going on as he walked up the sidewalk.

I asked, "Hey, what do you do?"

He replies, "I'm EOD."

"That's it!! That's what I want to do!" I knew right then and there I was going EOD.

How does one decide that you're going to be anything without knowing anything about what you're doing? You just know and it's usually instantly apparent when you see it. Just like the tool you need from Home Depot.

I didn't care what the process was, what the details were, what the pay was. I was just going to do it. Did it suck at times? Yep, sure did. Did I ever feel like quitting? Yep, once. I would have quit but we got up from doing sit ups to run and I forgot.

Somehow you ventured on to Globally Employable and something stuck. Maybe you thought it was interesting in passing or maybe something hit you square in the face and you knew, That's it!

If you take the leap and risk it all, will you love it or will it suck but it pays the bills?

Do I love UXO or EOD work? Absolutely not! Do I like it? Yes. What I do love is doing what others don't do, won't do or can't do and meeting all of the cool people along the way.

If you had a "That's it" moment, whether it sucks or not, it doesn't matter. You just have to do it.

Start today. Move towards being Globally Employable!


PS: I have been reading a book by one of my favorite authors, Chris Guillebeau. Next week he's launching his new book The $100 Startup. He sent me a copy to proof this last week. I've read about 1/4 of it and it's an eye opener. Check out his youtube video here.

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