And the winner is...

And the winner is...

Thanks to all of you that submitted entries to win the round trip Southwest tickets. Great stories all, including Vegas, torn glute muscles???, Global traveler stuck in Texas and many more.

And the winner is Max Ward with the following entry:

My younger brother Francis has recently completed his wilderness EMT training in Washington. Having been accepted at Northern Michigan University to study forestry and natural resource management, he returned to Michigan to help my mother move house.

He is subsequently looking for work to see himself through his freshmen year, in the sunken Michigan economy, however unsuccessfully.

I have recently begun working as and training as a tree climber with in Colorado and have just finished my first week with this very good company. I'm going to ask my boss tomorrow if he would be interested in meeting my little brother to bring him on.

Frank is working his way toward becoming a smoke jumper during the summers when he not taking courses at NMU. He's 25, heartbreakingly ugly, completed service in Helmand province, Afghanistan with the British Army's Parachute Regiment as a sniper.

He is the most hardworking and focused man I know and is never more happy then when he's outdoors doing something with a measured degree of risk. While I would find it interesting you could help me get him from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Denver, CO I think he could stand a good chance of getting an interview and a job.

Thanks for the chance.

All the Best Max Ward

Max was the only one that submitted an entry on behalf of someone else. Big points for that!

Thanks again to all and for those didn't submit an entry, we're still giving away the seat to TEEX's UXO school.

Stay tuned and stay focused on updating your quals.

Be Globally Employable!


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