The Football and Turkey Edition of Globally Employable

I hope that all of you survived the trip to Grandma and Grandpa's/Mom and Dad's house to get some turkey and football on.

I've said it for years; one of the most dangerous things you can do is to drive in rush hour or travel on holidays.

I just returned to sunny and warm Franklin, Tennessee from Quantico, Virginia where I was the SUXOS for a great group of guys.

While we were there, the Marines opened up a new liquor store/gas station and had the Budweiser Clydesdales in for a visit. These guys were impressive. We got a few pictures and one tried to eat Norm's jacket while we were standing there.

Thanks to Mark Soha, Go NAVY, we were able to see the Navy Arkansas State game. Good times had by all. If we didn't get there so late, James would have bought out the Mid Shipmen's store of North Face, knives, boots, etc.

The March On

I’d personally like to thank Jason Marks and Norm Piper for adding their stories to Globally Employable! They’re both great guys and hope that I get to work with them for a long time coming.

I’ve known Jason for about 11 years now and he is an accomplished musician opening up for people like Gary Alan and the likes. Jason has his Bachelor’s degree, his nursing degree and is now a UXO Tech making flat rate Per Diem in North Carolina.

Jason Marks is now officially Globally Employable. Click on his picture to see his amazing story

Norm, I need some better pictures of you!

James Corder, weapons guru extraordinaire has added his weapons reviews to the site. If you're looking to purchase a weapon of any kind, you should contact James. James is the guy on the far right in the Clydesdale picture. Yes, he could be one!

Click on the picture of the team with the Clydesdales to go to our site map where you can find the listing of all of James' weapons reviews.

I'm running a special for new UXO students that need the 40 Hour HAZWOPER. What I'm doing is anyone that takes the 40 Hour with us through

SGC Group will receive the SGC Group UXO Student Guide on DVD which closely resembles the Student Guides at any UXO School for FREE. Funny how that happens!

But wait! There's more! We've also discounted the price from $350 to $250 using our discount code SGC100OIL. The discount code is a throw back to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill but we still use it as a reminder that having the HAZWOPER can get you some great money and hours doing natural disaster response.

Have a great Thanksgiving with family and friends. Remember our troops that are carrying the load so we can hang out make pigs of ourselves.

I'm off for the Chattanooga Grateful Gobbler 5K. Turkey leg to follow!

Visit the site often, contribute when you can, let me know what you're doing and always remember there's only 2 things in the middle of the road; a yellow stripe and a dead opossum.


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