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Globally Employabe Sunday Reader Question
March 03, 2013

How to Not be Globally Employable

Welcome to another issue of Globally Employable and the Sunday Reader Question which tells you how to not be Globally Employable.

I have some special announcements to make your life easier when it comes to finding the jobs you want!

I also have some updates on trainings that are going to look good on your resume', make you more money, have more fun and I believe, be more employable than the people that you are currently competing with to get the same job you want.

I've updated the site in order to make finding jobs easier for you. Fair enough?

If most of y'all like it, then we'll keep it in. is my Go To site when I need to start doing research on finding my next contract.

It's the site I have recommended for years to all the folks that have asked me what's the best thing I can do.

You'll notice I wrote "research on finding my next contract".

Let's say you just started reading Globally Employable and you're interested in UXO as a career. You haven't been to school yet but you're taking a serious look.

Indeed has two blocks you can fill out: What and Where. I only use the What box as you really can't be sure if you fill in the Where, it will restrict you to the company HQ location or the job location!

If you enter Nashville because you want a job in Nashville, you may get a company in Nashville with a job in Nashville or a company in Nashville with a job in Sheboygan, WI! You could also get the dreaded "No Results Found!"

If you're like many readers, you already have some certifications and qualifications. Same thing applies. Enter your qualifications either one at a time or lump them together! Leave the Where box blank.

Lastly, if you know the kind of job you want, enter it, leaving the Where blank, click on one job posting at a time and really understand what your potential employer wants and set a goal to achieve the credentials, certifications and qualifications.

If an employer is wanting you to be proficient at Microsoft Office such as Word and Excel, you better get good at Microsoft.

Check out the site and take indeed for a drive!

Sunday Reader Question

I'd like to personally thank Sam on this weeks' best question.

As a former Navy EOD Diver, Navy Dive School Instructor and a current UXO Diver, I'll do my best to answer this question.

Sam has received 500 entries for the 2013 UXO Training Giveaway for having his question being selected as the Sunday Reader Question. What's your question?

I am currently attending a commercial dive school and am looking at attending UXO school.

I am a little red/green colorblind. Also, I was recently medically retired out of the military due to a TBI, Traumatic Brain Injury, when in Afghanistan.

Wondering if this would affect my employment selection into a UXO job.

Lastly I have had a underage DUI when I was 17 year old and was also wondering if that would come back and kick me in the butt.

Great questions!

First, congratulations on already being in a commercial dive school and continuing to look forward to adding UXO to your list of qualifications!

For those of you that are interested in commercial diving, CDA is getting my two thumbs up! You're also getting 500 entries for the UXO Giveaway, so you may be closer than you think!

If you're serious about going the commercial dive training route and want more information from my buddy Lee, click here and fill out the form.

If you were cleared on your TBI to dive and attend a commercial dive school, I can't imagine that you would have any problem getting a job as a UXO Technician. I've worked with some guys that Doctors would scientifically describe as "Rode hard and put away wet!"

Color blindness shouldn't be a factor. As UXO, you're not making the decision to "cut the red wire!" It doesn't really matter what color your shovel is! Just start digging!

Lastly, one of my favorite topics! DUI's and all the dumb things we did when we were minors!

A DUI isn't going to hurt you as long as you already have your license back! If you don't have license to drive, you're going to have a hard time getting to work on a military base.

Multiple DUI's present a track record of demonstrated unreliability! If I'm the guy hiring you and I'm asking myself should I pay the the guy with multiple DUI's a bunch of money to do this job or pay the guy that has never had a DUI?

As an employer, I have to know that you are responsible enough to not get thrown in jail, operate my equipment and vehicles under the influence or bring drama to the rest of the team.

If you have a problem with drinking, either quit drinking or don't come to the community!

I'm a fan of "Everything in moderation. Including moderation!" but I don't let my hoisting beers interfere with work.

The show stopper for UXO is a Felony. If you have a felony, you're probably not going to be able to get your Explosives Handler's Permit or ATF License.

If you can afford to have your past, if any, expunged, then do it!

Thanks again for the great question!

Training Update

Training Center Pros is the place to find the best training to make you more employable!

New Explosives Class! How would you like to blast a Gold Mine?!!! Sign me up! There's a new 2 day class at the end of the month. Click Here for all of the details under Oregon Blasters Explosive Training!

Hurricane Season is just around the corner so be ready for that by updating your quals to be more employable than the guy next to you.

Keep driving forward toward your goals and be Globally Employable!

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