Hurricane Disaster Jobs Notice 2012

Welcome to a Globally Employable Hurricane Disaster Jobs Notice 2012 Notification.

I just received my package via email to be on call for WSI Armor Group's response team for the upcoming hurricane season.

As you know, this can be a very lucrative contract for you as you'll be working incredible amounts of overtime.

The package this year is very extensive. Plan on several hours of paper work and filling out your E-Quip security clearance background check.

Two approaches with the hurricane can be taken. Either working as Security or for clean up operations.

Don't wait and be too late for you to get an armed guard card unless a Prime contractor decides to hold the course. This will depend on how bad it gets this year. Remember, tornadoes will spawn off the hurricane!

Start searching for positions and be sure to carefully look at the job requirements. Those with their TWIC will have an advantage close to the water. Search "security", "TWIC", "armed guard disaster", etc.

On the remediation side, those with a current HAZWOPER and a current 8 Hour Refresher will be picked up quickly and if you have your TWIC, you'll probably be in line for work around the water or in vessels conducting clean up operations in channels and inland waters.

There is a discount code on the 40 Hour and the 8 Hour Refresher is only $39.95. Best part is that's done all online at your convenience. Not someone else's.

Again, get on indeed or even to look for opportunities.

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It's going to be a busy year with with international coups and a presidential election here!

Be sure you're getting your qualifications and taking a serious look at your goals. If you're waking up most of the time hating what you're doing, then now is the time to get moving in the right direction.

Be safe, be prepared and Profit!


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