Beat Speeding Tickets

How do you beat speeding tickets?

Here's what happened with me!

I was working at the Hanford Nuclear Facility in Washington state as the UXO Safety QC when I had to run out for some errands.

The Richland and Pasco area is weird in that you think you're on the interstate system but at times, you're not.

I thought I was in a 70 mile an hour zone! Alas! I wasn't. I was a bit surprised when the cop pulled me over and informed me that I was actually in a 55 mph zone. Oops!

I was in a rental vehicle so I actually have no idea if the speedometer was correct.

Cops have a really tough time. They're not allowed to have quotas but we all know how that works. My buddy here in town has to pull over 3 vehicles per day!

Point is, be nice!

I signed for my ticket but the problem was I was flying out to New Jersey within a few days. There's no way I could go to court to try to get this taken care of by taking a class, etc. My goal is to keep the ticket off my record so that my insurance doesn't go up.

Back in February 2001 (Yes, over 11 years ago), I purchased a legal plan that I still have today. Part of what my legal plan does is provide an attorney to go to court for me (beat speeding tickets) when I get speeding tickets!

I travel all the time so there's no way I can show up for a court date. If I was there, it wouldn't make sense or even be possible for me to go to court due to work.

After pulling out from the police, ticket in hand, I called my law firm in Nashville, TN. That's right! I get the whole law firm not just some guy sitting in a back room some where.

He took down my information, gave me my case number and the email address to send it in. I get back to the hotel room, scan it and email it in.

Let's keep in mind, I'm in Pasco, Washington with a speeding ticket from Richland and I've emailed my ticket into Nashville. I'm leaving for New Jersey and have no way to go to court.

The attorney in Nashville contacts a referral attorney there in the jurisdiction I received my speeding ticket. The referral attorney calls me and gets all of the details of what happened.

I told him that I was leaving for New Jersey and that I wouldn't be able to go to court and he said that he would be there for me!

Court date comes and I get a call from the attorney. He was there for me (and others to beat speeding tickets) and was able to take care of it by having me pay the fine but there would be no points on my record, hence my insurance rates did not go up. State Farm thinks I'm a good driver.

How much does this plan cost me? Well, before I tell you, how much would that be worth to you to have that kind of service in all 50 states?

What if your spouse and teenage drivers were included at no extra cost? Can your teenager and you afford not to beat speeding tickets?

What if a Will was included with annual updates?

Unlimited phone consultations for all of your legal decisions and questions?

A letter written on your behalf for each legal (I also consider business as legal issues) issue?

And you and your spouse were covered for a civil law suits and job-related criminal suits? If you have a handgun carry permit, work as an Executive Protection Professional and you put your hands on someone, you will be sued.

And 24/7 access to an attorney if you're ever arrested or detained? It's not hard to be detained for being in the wrong car at the wrong place and time.

The bottom line $17 per month! Millions of memberships over the last 40 years buys the best attorneys!

Beat Speeding Tickets! Get started now by clicking on the link that corresponds to your state of residency. Yes, the plan covers you in all 50 states and Canada!

To get covered in all 50 States and Canada, Click Here!

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