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Looking for the Best Paid Careers? I've seen the list but the problem is that they don't really give you the best answer!

Do you have the time to attend school and residency to become a board certified physician? Do you have the grades to get into medical school and then into a residency program?

These questions apply to most of the best paid careers on anyone's list or web site, but what if there was a way to make A Six Figure Income with a little over one month's training?

Before we go any further...

Warning!  This web site may just get you killed!  But then you're dying a slow painful death driving to and from a job you hate anyway.
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That's right! The information in this web site can get you killed! So do you still want to make a Six Figure Income and live a life that most people can't imagine?

I'm going to guide you through how to make money by doing some of the most dangerous work out there.

You can visit the Success Stories and read how people like Jim Corder, Jason Marks and Norm Piper have transitioned to the dark side leaving corporate America behind.

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Ready to get started on your own Best Paid Careers list?

I am going to address the UXO industry as the school is only one month long after you complete a 40 hour course on OSHA and safety practices. Throw out your degree (receipt) and sharpen your pencils.

The beginning UXO Technician rate according to the Federal Wage Determination Rate is $24.40 per hour. That's not bad money for one month of training but stay with me.

As a UXO Technician you'll be working on our military's bombing ranges or bases that will be closing down soon so you could be walking around base housing or shopping areas.

But because you are doing UXO work, you also receive an additional 4% or 8% on top of your hourly rate bringing your total to $25.38 or $26.35 per hour.

How UXO Pay Works
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During the past year, I've been working anywhere from 50 to 73 hours per week. Fifty hours is easy to do as it's 10 hour shifts Monday through Friday.

Take your $25.38 multiplied by 40 hours equals $1015.20. Now take your 10 hours overtime at time and a half or $380.70 for a total of $1395.90 per week.

As you can see at that rate you're well over half way to your six figure income. How's that best paid careers list looking to you now?

In addition to your hourly pay, you will also receive benefits in kind or BIK. Currently BIK is $3.50 per hour on your first 40 hours per week. That is an additional $140 added to your $1395.90 for a total of $1535.90 per week!

You would need to work 65 weeks to generate $100,000 so we're not quite there yet. I bet you are ready to punch the guy that wrote the Best Paid Careers list.

As a UXO Technician, you will be traveling and staying in hotels sometimes of your choice and sometimes not. On longer jobs, some good friends will rent an apartment saving money and allowing you to cook more of your own meals.

Because you travel you're authorized Per Diem. Per Diem is the Tax-Free money you receive to pay for food and lodging.

There are two ways you'll be paid Per Diem. The first is called "Flat Rate" and the other is Per Diem for food and incidentals. Flat Rate ranges from about $150 per day to almost $300 per day depending on where you're working.

Let's use the Per Diem for meals and incidentals. My teams and I usually make around $65 a day for food but that's 7 days a week whether we're working or not!

My Per Diem for the week is $455 so we'll add that to the $1535.90 we've already calculated for the pay so far. The grand total: $99,545.00 for the year!

How UXO Pay Works with Per Diem
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OK, I know what you're saying. I'm $455 off of $100,000 income!

But I'm not finished yet! Part of your travel is to the job site where you make $0.50 per mile to drive from home to the hotel you'll be staying at and the same driving from the hotel to the job site and back everyday. I've easily driven enough miles on one job to makeup for the $455.00.

I used very conservative numbers so let's have fun and use the UXO pay earning 8% hazard pay and flat rate Per Diem.

Using the $26.35 per hour on your first 40 hours is $1054.00 plus your ten hours at time and a half is $395.25 or $1449.25 for the week just in pay. Add in BIK of $144.00 is $1593.25 total for the week. Working 50 weeks per year you are making $79,462.50!

How UXO Pay Works with Overtime and Benefits
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Let's use Flat Rate Per Diem of $150 as it's on the low side and many places pay much more than this. Seven days a week is equal to $1050 per week.

Keep in mind, this is not taxable income. Also keep in mind that although I was a financial consultant for a Fortune 75 Firm, I am not a CPA but I do use one. Tax laws change all the time so consult your CPA or tax professional.

How to Make 6 Figure Income with UXO
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The grand total for Per Diem is $52,500 plus your $79,462.50 salary is $132,162.50!

As I like to say, "MCM used to stand for Mine CounterMeasures. Now it stands for Makin' Cash Money!"

As you look at your Best Paid Careers list, see how many of those only take about 4 weeks of training. I can tell you... none of them!

Be sure to check out our Success Stories or even sign up for the Globally Employable Newsletter. You'll find some great information that may help you move in a direction that you haven't thought of before.

If you do receive your UXO Technician certificate, you'll belong to a very tight group of men and women that chose to do things a different way and be paid accordingly.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me personally through the "Contact Me" tab on the left.

Steve Cassidy

I am Globally Employable!...and have one of the best paid careers!

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