Blasting and UXO

Does a blasting certification help your UXO career?

As in, will it help your resume stand out and make you more hire-able?

Does it also give you useful knowledge and skills for working as a UXO Tech?

Is it possible for a UXO Tech to do blasting on the side, or do the time and experience requirements make it possible to only excel at one or the other?


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Oct 27, 2014
UXO and Blasting Certificates
by: Steve Cassidy

Great questions! I may set these apart in a series in the future but for now, I'll do my best to answer your questions.

Does a Blasting Certificate help with UXO? In getting a job, I'd say no. There are some pretty uptight folks out there that will scream, "We only want your UXO experience in the USACE Format."

There are also some smart people that look at past experiences, degrees and other certifications as a guide to determine if they're going to take UXO seriously.

I'm EOD but I also have a ton certs across many fields and I'm always looking at more which is why I list them on

Attending a Blasting School prior to UXO School will certainly help you during Demo. I wouldn't mention it during school. No one needs to know everything about you. Brag and they may lean harder on you.

If you're in between UXO contracts and can work as a Blaster in construction, oil, etc. go for it! Don't forget you also have your HAZWOPER which is also a great cert that can get you work.

Any time you can add to your knowledge base, which is also a great indicator of your commitment to the industry, is a good thing.

Go to the two day Blasting School to learn and to decide if you really like working with explosives. Maybe you won't but then again, maybe you'll end up being the guy that everyone comes to.

Keep me posted on what you're doing!

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