Bob Costas Belcher Suicide

by Steve Cassidy
(Franklin, TN)

Bob Costas

Bob Costas

Bob Costas
My Handgun of Choice
Steve Cassidy

Bob Costas of the NFL broadcaster type decided to politicize football last night by saying that if there were no handguns, Chiefs Linebacker Belcher and his girlfriend Ms. Perkins would still be alive right now.

Bob, your desperate attempt at promoting your ideals may be the last straw that drives me away from any support of the NFL. The gun didn't kill them, the NFL system killed them.

Pay the players millions of dollars! They earn it! Their careers are short, they are entertainers and we're still a Capitalist nation!

Those serving in the military don't get that kind of cash. That's not what they signed up for.

I took my shot at the NFL and didn't make the cut. I took my shot at Navy EOD and made it. Two programs with different pay. I didn't mind at all.

The NFL and the Player's Union has failed the League players by not educating them and mentoring them with their new-found wealth. Lottery winners are great examples. It doesn't take long for a $10 and hour guy to lose millions of dollars and end up worse than when he started.

I celebrate the League guys that have transitioned out, kept their money and continued on with life's success.

The NCAA is to blame as well. The guys are bringing in massive amounts of money to their universities and have no way to buy toothpaste, soap and beer (Thank you Mom and Dad for throwing some money in the checking account).

Pay the players something so they don't go into shock when they're drafted.

I love the argument, "They get a free education." Unless you're an engineer, MD, CPA, most university degrees are a joke and not worth the paper they're printed on. As a former offensive lineman at Tennessee Tech, it wasn't free and I can show you how to make a six-figure income with 4 weeks of training. Not 4 years!

The best business college degree doesn't teach you how to handle million dollar pay checks.

The morning after is always crystal clear, Bob. Turns out Belcher had brain injuries, was taking pain killers and drinking. This isn't an isolated case in the League either.

Goodell, do us all a favor and leave. The League will be better without you.

League officials should immediately remove all convicted felons from the League rosters. This might assist new millionaire pros and college players make better grown up decisions off the field.

Those at the Player's Union, I have zero faith in your ability to do anything proactive on the player's behalf. Prove to us you care more for the players' overall well being than your membership dues.

NCAA and BCS officials, quit patting each other on the back and justifying your own existence. No one likes you. If you went away today, no one would care or miss you. If you insist on making a college athlete go from playing 10-11 games to 14 games, pay them!

Bob Costas, you should quit. If I was ruthless dictator, you'd be fired. If you care so much, lead the coalition to fund the child's education. Maybe she'll become an MD and find the cure for brain trauma. It'll benefit the Players and the Troops.

Last night you said that Belcher and Perkins would be alive today if there were no handguns. Maybe Ms. Perkins would be alive if she had a handgun to protect herself.

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