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Harvard MBA vs. Underwater Demolition Specialist. Our Business Career Training sets you apart from the competition with a BANG!

You may be highly motivated, the top performer in your field but how do you make your resume stand out from everyone else competing for that one position?

What if there was one or two things you could add to your resume that would make you stand out from the others that the Boss would just have to meet you? Business career training with a BANG!

What if you could take your highly developed skill sets, add a couple of certificates that would allow you access to a completely different industry with little competition for you?

These are questions that I ask professional people that I meet with that are looking for that unfair advantage in their marketplace.

Facts Tell. Stories Sell! What's your story?

How do I compete for employment and then for customers when I get the opportunity? I don't have an MBA from Harvard or other Ivy League school but I did succeed at their game as a financial consultant with the World's Largest Private Bank.

Others look much better than me...on paper. It's my stories from my experiences which in turn gets me hired, gets me in front of prospects allowing me to build relationships, ask the right questions and get the business.

Several years ago I read the book How to Become CEO. The premise of the book is how to climb the corporate ladder by switching companies anytime you're offered a lateral or upward move as long as it's for more money until you become CEO.

If becoming CEO is your goal, you should do that with malicious intent. My question would be do you stay in a typical business or do you look at some businesses that most people don't know about?

What if you're in between jobs and have found yourself competing against everyone else? How do you stand out from the others or do you take a hard turn at something you just might really enjoy, make more money but didn't know that the industry even existed?

What if you could do a one or two online certification programs and completely open more doors of opportunity for you to bring more money in?

The Business Career Training listed below are what have formed the basis of my employment life. Most of my training came through the military but these are the civilian equivalents that actually pay very well, make your resume stand out and can make you Globally Employable!

Business Career Training Recommendations

UXO Technician - Course takes 4 weeks and certifies you to clean up bombing ranges across the US and globally. Yes, you get to blow things up! This certification on your resume will make you stand out. Come work with me!

Explosives Blasting and Drilling - Get your ATF license so that you can conduct blasting operations for mining (Gold), blasting, excavation, stump removal, etc. Get the details by clicking here!


- This course is actually a prerequisite for UXO school. Covers the safety aspects of working in hazardous environments. This course is also mandatory for those participating in oil remediation efforts like we had in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska.

OSHA 30 Hour Construction Supervisor - This is the best certification you can have as it is now a requirement for most federally funded UXO and Construction contracts awarded by USACE and GSA! 

NIMS - National Incident Management System - These trainings will give you a solid foundation for command and control of national emergencies and job responsibilities. These courses are free!

FRO - HAZMAT First Responder Operations by Training Center Pros - Respond to releases or potential releases of hazardous substances as part of the initial response to an incident. This goes great with NIMS and when combined with HAZWOPER.

FRA - HAZMAT First Responder Awareness by Training Center Pros - An awareness course that introduces you to the notification process if you witness the release of hazardous releases. I recommend this for those working in a commercial building in a major metropolitan area. What would you do if there was a chlorine gas leak in your city? Bet there are rail cars full of it nearby.

Red Cross Instructor - Not only do you need the training to protect yourself and your family, being an instructor can fill in some gaps in your job history or make you more employable in the world I live in. Not only do I work for companies as a bomb tech, bomb diver, consultant but also as an CPR, AED and First Aid instructor for the guys that I work with.

First Aid, CPR & AED - You need these certifications for UXO and most any other high-risk career field.  Why not save time and money getting it done online?

Tactical Shooting - More than just standing there putting holes in paper! This is an advanced course that will get you up to speed with an M4 / AK-47 and transitioning techniques with your secondary weapon (I prefer the Glock).

Commercial Deep Sea or Construction Diver - As a Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician, I had to attend the Navy's Deep Sea Diver program. I do work occasionally as an unexploded ordnance diver! It's not enough for me to work on explosives as I have to do it underwater with no visibility. You must be very fit to get into this business!

Business Career Training Note: Any of these classes above will begin to set you apart from your competition in corporate America or will open some doors to a career path most don't dare to go down.

Additional business career training recommendations include the following that will help your resume stand out. These are certainly important and may help you and your family sometime down the road.

Frequent Flyer MasteryTravel Badass - I had the benefit of beginning my traveling while I was stationed in Italy as Navy EOD but I didn't really start understanding the system until I read Frequent Flyer Mastery. This book will absolutely split the sky open for you when it comes to travel whether it's for almost free or if it's in complete luxury. This is one of the books that I continue to re-read as I build my travel bank.

CrossFit - The toughest and funnest workout you can do for ultimate fitness! Meet Pukey! Most workouts are done for time so you're looking at the worst 10-20 minutes of your life. Best part is you'll be ready to go again the next day. I workout at Crossfit MT. Find a gym in your area and set yourself apart.

Not where you want to be?  Need to drop a few LB's?  Here's the plan that will get you where you need to be!

Kettlebell Workouts You had better be in great shape and using a range of Kettlebell exercises and HIIT cardio, your dream body and peak fitness is just around the corner.

Hand Gun Carry Permit Course

- On some executive protection jobs, you'll be required to carry a concealed weapon. Requirements vary from state to state and some offer reciprocity across many states. Check with your individual state.

Bounty Hunter - Insanely dangerous but you can make great money!

My Highest Business Career Training Recommendation

Owning your own website which advertises you as a Subject Matter Expert! If you're in business, be in business which includes a website and email address that matches your URL. I'm a Bomb Tech and a bunch more but I've never been an HTML Geek! Check out why I use the system that I use for all of my web sites by clicking here.

If you have any questions about my business career training recommendations or any other training you're looking at, please use the "Contact Me" link to drop me a line. I look forward to answering your questions and guiding you to meeting your career goals and hopefully making you Globally Employable!

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