Can I just walk off the street, get training and do this?

by Ben
(Temperance, Michigan)

I'm 30 years old and have four years construction experience. The rest has been hospitality, farming, and barbering.

Can I do this career without ever having served in the military? Also, is the work fast paced in any way?

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Jan 17, 2013
UXO with no military background
by: Steve Cassidy

Can you become UXO with no military background? You bet you can!

I have had many friends with no military background make a successful career as UXO Techs.

Jim and James Corder, father and son both went to TEEX UXO School years ago and actually have worked together on the Grid.

Jim was a white collar executive his whole working life until he went to UXO school. He's been working steadily for over 3 years and is now a UXO Tech II.

His son James has a Bachelor's Degree and a Master's Degree and authored the number 1 page on my company website, Glock 19 Review!

Again, neither Jim nor James had any military background. There's Norm, Shaun, Tye and many, many more that have made a successful transition from civilian J.O.B. to UXO living the dream, traveling to unique places, blowing things up and making great money!

So what will it be? Continue what you're currently doing or go to TEEX UXO School to earn a certification that is good the rest of your life where you can make more money than most and as much as some doctors?

Is it fast paced? Sometimes you'll really need to get the production in. The company that hired you needs to make a profit to keep hiring you. When you're digging up UXO, it's best not to be too fast paced! Correct procedures and safety are the orders for the day. Good for longevity as well.

PS: I've made reference to TEEX UXO school here. The guys hiring are not willing to hire most anyone that hasn't gone to TEEX. It's rare if they do. Get trained by the best. Go to TEEX.

Thanks for the great question!

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