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Clean up jobs are there for the taking. Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, mud slides, fires and wars are in the news everyday! When disaster strikes and the governor declares a State of Emergency, there's money to be made!

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We see disasters in the news almost every day and although I hate to see the suffering, someone has to be on the ground to clean it up.

During the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, BP hired multiple companies to come in and clean up the beaches, drive the boats and be on standby for contamination.

All of the companies hired thousands of people to assist with the oil remediation. FEMA, OSHA and countless other government agencies were on hand to assist but the one common factor that everyone had was that they all had their 40 Hour HAZWOPER certification.

It is a federal law that all persons participating in oil spill remediation must have their HAZWOPER. I won't be surprised if the federal government makes it a requirement for all clean up jobs.

When Nashville was flooded and the process of picking up the pieces began, companies were brought in to make it happen. Who were they looking for? Those that had their HAZWOPER certifications.

After the flood, those with the HAZWOPER made about 50% more than those that didn't. When you're working 35 to 45 hours of overtime per week, that pay differential is massive and allows you to make the best money!

In the aftermath of the hurricanes that have hit the southeast, federal agencies as well as utility companies are mobilized to re-establish basic services such as fresh drinking water, electricity and food.

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When disaster strikes, people are thirsty, hungry, scared and sometimes angry. With all of these assets and people providing services, security is an issue.

Once again, companies are brought in to protect assets, people and re-establish authority that the local police departments can't handle. Law enforcement has a very difficult job as it is but when things go bad, a little back up helps tremendously.

Providing armed security is a way to make great money in a very short amount of time. The hours are long and people are in survival mode. It's a difficult situation which is why you'll need to be well prepared.

If disaster struck your neighborhood, how well are you prepared right now?

Do you have fresh drinking water?

Do you have enough food that you don't have to cook?

What about prescription medicines, first aid kit, sunblock?

Some people are investing in gold. Some are investing in brass!

If you'd like to learn more about how to be better prepared in your house, be on the fast track to clean up jobs as well as make a significant income helping others, I invite you to get your own copy of How to Profit from Disaster! You'll learn how to ethically and legally profit when the you-know-what hits the fan.

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