Clearance required for UXO

by Joe

Is a security clearance required for UXO work?

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Feb 06, 2011
UXO Clearance Requirements
by: Steve Cassidy

Joe, thanks again for a great question! Clearances generally aren't required for most UXO work.

Prior going to UXO school, you'll need a background check done but that's no different than what most employers do any way.

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EOD Techs have clearances so if they're working the grid, then it's more cost effective to them but isn't always the case.

You will probably end up getting a temporary clearance to work a specific area on a specific base. Your clearance has no reciprocity with any other base or even a different area of the same base your on.

If you'd like to begin getting a clearance of some kind, I highly recommend getting the TWIC card. It's a clearance from DHS to primarily work near ports.

There are many UXO sites along our coasts and having a TWIC may just put you ahead of everyone else that may be hired.

Hope this helps!

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