College Degree Help Me Stay Employed

by Carney Hall
(Opelika, Al. USA)

Will a 2 yr or 4 yr degree help me stay employed?

Will a 2yr degree in EOD from AMU be of any value as I progress along the career track?

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Feb 10, 2013
Will a College Degree Help You Stay Employed-Probably Not
by: Steve Cassidy

This is a great question: Will a college degree help you stay employed?

The fact of the matter is, those with a college degree have a lower unemployment rate than those that don't.

I define that as it sucks less!

If you want to get a college degree for a sense of accomplishment, you're not a risk taker or you want to be something that actually requires a degree, then get one.

If you want to be an MD, CPA, Engineer, Certified Financial Planner, etc. then you need a degree plus additional training, degrees, certifications and licenses. I know a lot of MD's, CPA's, CFP's, Engineers, Lawyers, etc. but I don't want to be any of those but I have hired all of them.

"Well, Steve, that's easy for you to say! You're a former EOD Tech and not an MD or a lawyer."

I did go to college in the 80's, Tennessee Tech. I studied Business Management and played football.

I don't think anything I learned in the 80's is relevant today. I don't think it was relevant then either.

After my service as Navy EOD, I became a top producer for a networking marketing company.

Here's what I like about network marketing, I stopped working it in January 2004 and I still get checks here in 2013. They don't teach you that in college.

If you're interested in working with me in network marketing, let me know, I'm looking for 2 good folks to work with.

After 3 years of network marketing, my highly educated (Now X) wife wanted me to have a title.

So I became a stockbroker and then a Financial Advisor for the world's largest private bank.

What you have to know is, I wasn't hired because of my degree. I was hired because of the books I read. These were not books that I read in college but the books I learned existed from my mentor in network marketing.

A college degree may get you hired. I'm actually scared for you if that's the case because a degree won't keep you hired. Only you can keep yourself hired.

Please keep in mind that the reason most employers ask for a degree is to justify the fact that they have a degree. I bet the guy they work for doesn't have a degree. He had a vision for what he wanted his life to be like.

My advice would be to create a way of life for yourself, making a living while pursuing your dreams.

If a degree is required for that, then do it.

Clearly understand that if your happiness is based on a job that requires a degree, I think you're nuts and you haven't really put much thought in what it is that God put you on the planet to do and accomplish.

Go to TEEX UXO School, make 6 figures after 4 weeks of training and pursue your true dreams.

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