Combine UXO and Geo Background

by Steve
(North Carolina)

After working an UXO at Camp Le Juene As a surveyor, Is there benefit in my survey,S.U.E. background, with OSHA 10,30 HAZWOPER to becoming a UXO Tech?

Higher initial pay? More rapid advance? Preferred placement? Easier assistance for tuition?

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Nov 19, 2010
by: Anonymous


Thank you for contacting me though Globally Employable and asking your question regarding UXO and SUE.

What I see in the industry, due to federal agencies, is that UXO support is needed for non-UXO personnel such as yourself to enter an area that may be contaminated with UXO, MEC and MPPEH.

If surveyors had their UXO certificates, they wouldn't need us to go on to the range, etc. I've worked with Geo guys doing soil samples and magnetometer readings all the time. Y?all are smart and great at what you do but unfortunately for both of us, the contracts are written to CYA the person that is writing the contract.

As an EOD/UXO professional, I don?t mind going out with y?all but I?d rather be finding ordnance and doing demo. As a team supervisor, it?s difficult to lose a guy for Geo support as some of our work is physically labor intensive and we need all the guys we can get.

In order to be a UXO Tech, you will need your 40 Hour HAZWOPER and 8 hour Refresher annually.

If you?re supervising other Geo or UXO Technicians, you should have your 8 Hour Supervisor.

continued below

Nov 19, 2010
UXO Geo 30 Hour Construction
by: Anonymous

The 30 Hour Construction is popping up more often in contracts now. Most clearances are done to turn over military bases to private developers or to expand current operational bases. As a SUE surveyor, I'd guess most of your work is pre- or current construction projects.

As federal agencies attempt to validate their own existence, they require more and more training/certifications.

As I?ve worked a lot of construction support in the past year, the 30 Hour Construction has been a great qualification for me personally.

I believe any time you can add some certifications to your resume, you become more (Globally) employable. This can be very beneficial if someone is looking at your resume and someone else's. If you have more certifications that are federally driven/OSHA driven, you?ll probably get the job because the decision maker doesn?t have a clue what it is we actually do.

We do offer all of the HAZWOPER courses and the 30 Hour Construction online so you can do them at your leisure. The HAZWOPER courses are not timed but the 30 hour is. You?ll actually have to sit there for 30 hours on the clock. It?s all done at your leisure but it needs to total 30 hours.

Our 40 Hour HAZWOPER is normally $350 but I?ve discounted it to $250 using the discount code ?SGC100OIL?. The code is a throw back to the oil spill in the Gulf.

The HAZWOPER Supervisor is $79.95 and the HAZWOPER Refresher for both the Supervisor and standard refresher is $39.95. Neither refresher can be used as a refresher for the other. I don?t like it but OSHA says so.

The 30 Hour Construction is $189. and there is no refresher. It?s a one time shot.

I hope this answers your question. If it hasn?t, let me know what I?m missing.

Nov 19, 2010
UXO Geo benefits
by: Steve Cassidy


Just to clarify a few things in your request.

Higher Initial pay? I believe you?ll work more with your background. UXO Techs are paid a federal wage rate. It doesn't change much.

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Rapid advance? UXO Tech 1?s advance to Tech 2 at the same rate.

Preferred placement? I believe both UXO and Geo companies will fight to get you on the payroll.

Tuition? Not sure unless your company sends you to UXO school. Some states have tuition assistance under the federal funding.

Hope this helps.

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