do i have a better chance getting hired if i have a twic card

Do I have a better chance getting hired if I have a TWIC card?

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Nov 11, 2011
Hired with TWIC
by: Steve Cassidy

Easier to be hired with TWIC card? If your resume and another are very similar if not identical and the other has a TWIC card, why would I hire the one without it?

My advice is to get a TWIC card, HAZWOPER, handgun carry permit, armed guard card, start an online business or network marketing business, read 15 pages of a good book everyday, read The Good Book every day, work out in your living room or back yard by doing push ups, sit ups and sprints (all free), learn a second language like Spanish, HTLM or accounting.

Start investing in yourself and watch your competition in your rear view mirror choking on your dust.

Apr 11, 2012
criteria for TWIC card
by: uxo tech 1

Attempted to obtain Twic card in hawaii and was not even allowed to apply because I did not meet their criteria. I am not a coast guard credentialed merchant mariner, port facility employee, long shore worker, truck driver or other requiring unescorted access to secure areas. These cards are not just given to anyone who applies just so they can add it to a resume.

Apr 23, 2012
TWIC Application
by: Steve Cassidy

I had not heard of this problem with a TWIC application in the past but have had many folks receive their TWIC only to move on to get better jobs.

It may be a case of that particular office or may have been the reason which you put on the application.

I wouldn't use "Add to my resume" as a reason but would use " a HAZWOPER worker...", "as a UXO Technician..." The people in the TWIC registration offices are smart and their job is to screen people. Make your case compelling in their eyes to move your TWIC application along.

Government clearances hit all levels but just because you have a Top Secret clearance doesn't mean you get access to all Top Secret information. It's "Need to Know" only.

Keep that in mind when applying. They'll ask themselves if you "Need" a TWIC. This is a good thing as it provides value to the holder. If everyone can get one, what's the point?

Oct 23, 2012
Finally got TWIC
by: Anonymous

I was initailly told in Hawaii in April 2012 that I did not meet the criteria for applying for a TWIC card.

I did successfully make my case as a HAZWOPER worker, UXO Tech 1 and attempting to get the HAZMAT endorsement for a CDL. I applied again in May 2012, had the fingerprints and background check done and was issued my TWIC in July 2012.

All of my certs are current, have valid drivers license, passport, TWIC, CPR first aid & AED.

I Have filled out to many applications to count and posted as many resumes without a single job offer.

Will keep trying until successful.

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