by Matthew F
(Fulton MS)

Thanks for the answer on my last question. Your statement to become a student of the industry not to just pass the class sticks with me. I have another question if that's alright...

Is it easier or harder to get a job overseas than in the states? Also, is there a set amount of time that you have to work overseas before the money is tax free? Thanks

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Aug 12, 2011
by: Steve Cassidy

Great question on OCONUS UXO work!

Many have been bitten by the IRS because they thought that all work overseas is tax free. It's not!

First, you must be outside the US for 330 days. You don't necessarily have to be at work but you must stay away for that long. Think of vacations in Tuscany for a good excuse.

When you do stay OCONUS for 330 days, I'll need to research it, it's either 80% tax free or tax free on the first $80,000.

To get OCONUS UXO work shouldn't be too tough but you might want to get some experience here in the States prior to going over unless you've been there (Iraq or AFG) before.

If you have, no drama. You know how it works.

I'll find out for sure on the $80,000 or 80%. Either way, get to UXO school and consider using a CPA to guide you along the way so it doesn't come back to bite you with fines, penalties, taxes, etc.

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