Firefighter EMT to UXO

by Devin

First off thank you for your service.

Second thank you so much for putting all this great information out and for putting your time into the website.

I am currently a firefighter/EMT certified and have a lot of down time. I have a bachelors degree and am prior military and was thinking of going back into the service and going the SEAL or EOD officer route but being married with 3 kids I have to put the thought of glory days of training and being in combat in the past.

I have been looking endlessly for jobs that will fulfill my desire for something more and something extraordinary. I am so glad I stumbled upon this site.

I enjoy the fire dept and the benefits are incredible but honestly the money isn't that great. Since we only work 10 days a month I am wondering if I would have to give up the fire dept in order to have a career in UXO.

I don't mind traveling either. In fact I love it but I am sure the wife would frown upon me being gone more than I am home, that was her biggest complaint about me going back to the service.

Are there job opportunities in AZ or the southwest region in general? If I did have to travel are spouses or family members allowed to come as well, obviously on my own dime of course.

Thanks again for all your doing and I appreciate any advice or suggestions you may have for me.

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