Globally Employable Success Stories

How about some Globally Employable Success Stories? This page is for those that would like to see others that have walked away from what they were currently doing, added some skill sets and have been able to reinvent themselves and make significant incomes.

There are plenty of web sites and books on how to escape corporate America or give you the Best Paid Careers list but few give you a solid, systematic plan on how to do it based on an individuals needs. That's why there's the "Contact Me" tab to the left!

One of my favorite books is The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. Tim is the master at reverse engineering and accomplishing some amazing feats in a short period of time.

Another book is Emergency by Neil Strauss. Neil took 3 years off to learn some valuable skill sets that will keep him alive in the worst situation.

What the people below have done is acquire skill sets that will keep them alive but will also generate a significant income and provide a lifestyle that few could understand let alone enjoy.

Jason Marks-Singer, Nurse, Cigar Aficionado, UXO Tech

Jason Marks-Singer, Nurse, Cigar Aficionado, UXO Tech

If you can personally relate to some of these stories, I won't be surprised. If you can picture yourself in their shoes, conduct some serious due diligence.

If you want to checkout who's hiring and for how much, check out by clicking the box below.

I'd say leave the "Where" block empty as the company may be based somewhere but the contract takes place at a completely different state or country.

Enjoy the Success Stories.

Jim Corder, Sales Management to UXO Technician

Jason Marks - Singer, Nurse, Cigar Aficionado to UXO Technician

Norm Piper - Business Executive, Japanese Linguist to UXO Technician

Coming Soon:

James Corder, BS, MPA, Executive Protection Professional turned UXO Tech.

Eli Routh, Sales Executive turned UXO Tech.

Derek Truelove, Business Executive turned UXO Tech.

Tye Turner, Sales Executive to UXO.

Scott Hill, Goldman Sachs VP to UXO.

More to follow.

Top of Globally Employable Success Stories

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