Halo Trust

by Jessie Gollihugh
(Deleon Springs, FL)


Hello again, I hope all is well with you. So far, I've finished my HAZWOPER and getting ready to schedule my physical with the VA.

The question I have for you, which I'm not sure is appropriate for the website is this.

Do you know anything about the Halo Trust?

I'm interested in maybe starting work with them but don't know anyone that would have any insight to the company.

I do know that they require a 2 year commitment (contract) but do provide training for UXO.

Is this recommended?

I know this is the field I need to be in, but is going with them a good idea as an alternative to pay for my schooling?

My GI bill will only cover about half of my UXO school through TEEX which leaves me with the other half of the bill.

Would you recommend Halo Trust? I'm really excited about this field and can't wait to start.

Hope to hear from you soon and hope all is well with you.

Take care and stay safe!


Jessie L Gollihugh

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May 20, 2014
Work For Halo Trust
by: Steve Cassidy


Great question in asking if you should work for HALO Trust in exchange for them training you to be a UXO Tech!

HALO Trust is a not-for-profit based in the UK and in the US.

I personally don't know anyone working for HALO Trust but I'll answer your question with a resounding YES!

The obvious reason is they're going to train you for "Free" in exchange for 2 years of working with them. I hear people bitch about 2 years of their life doing something cool and getting unbelievable experience are the same ones that would bitch about a gold brick being too heavy if I gave it to them.

You'll be trained, prove your skill set for about 6 months doing mine removal and then be moved over to teaching and supervisory roles. Plenty of locals that need work will be doing the majority of the demining.

You need to have earned your stripes so when you're teaching or supervising, you'll be able to more effectively present the information and guide the team.

Two things to think about for the Long Term:

You will see and do what few UXO Techs will ever do. You'll be supervising and teaching. Both look great on any resume for any career path.

Just because they're a not-for-profit doesn't mean they don't make money and pay their executive staff...very well. You could easily make that move with smart, deliberate work.

Hope this helps. I'm actually a bit jealous. Only other thing I recommend is to learn French. It's easy. Check out the language page and download the How To Speak French document.


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