HAZWOPER comparison

by Jessie

You offer two HAZWOPER courses. Is there a practical difference between the 40hour online option and the 32hour online with 8hour in person option? What is the difference between those two courses and the TEEX HAZWOPER?

Difference is TEEX HAZWOPER is 100% live, in person, covering up all of your free time during UXO School. Sounds fun right?

Our 40 Hour HAZWOPER is 100% online and is not timed. This allows you to do the course as fast or as slow as you want, whenever you want.

The 32/8 Hour split is 32 Hours online and 8 hours in a classroom with some random instructor after you find a place actually offering it in person.

In the 7 or 8 years we've offered the HAZWOPER, we've only had 2 or 3 people sign up the 32/8.

Don't waste your time, take it online.

Here's all of our HAZWOPER courses!

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