highest paid careers with shortest school time

by Steve Cassidy
(Globally Employable)

What is the highest paid careers with shortest school time? I am asked this frequently which is why I'm posting it here.

In case someone hasn't told you, college is a waist of time!

Four or five years and a couple hundred thousand dollars later, you're competing for a job with thousands of others and being taxed to death on your income, the car you drive to your job, the gas you put in your car, the nice clothes you're expected to wear to work and the food you eat at lunch.

This site was started by me to show folks like you another way. A way out of the ridiculous rat race I mention above.

How about 4 weeks of training and making over $100,000 a year?

Don't have 4 weeks? Make Money Now!"

It's called UXO and not all of the money you make is taxable!

On one of my contracts, I was making about $12,000 after taxes! That's $144,000 a year in my pocket.

Per Diem is non-taxable money you receive for food and housing. Does your current boss give you tax free money to pay for your house and breakfast, lunch and dinner?

No. At most jobs, you pay for that with the money you have left over. Remember, you paid taxes on your income and now you're paying tax on the food you eat with money you've already paid taxes on.

Look up and to the left. You'll see "Bomb Tech" and that's where you want to start.

Contact me for any help I can offer.

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Jul 29, 2011
High Pay Short School
by: Steve Cassidy

Need high pay and a short school?

How about a Six Figure Income with 4 weeks of training?

Click on the Bomb Tech tab to your left to get all of the details.

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