How dangerous is UXO really?

by Heath

I just discovered the career field of UXO a few hours ago. Is being a bomb tech as dangerous as it sounds, typically? I'm looking for safety stats etc.

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Dec 29, 2012
How Dangerous is UXO
by: Steve Cassidy

How dangerous is UXO? Great question! It really depends on a lot of factors.

At a baseline, yes, it's dangerous. You're working with Unexploded Ordnance. By definition, you're locating, digging up and disposing of military ordnance that didn't go off.

Is it as dangerous as living in Chicago with 500 murders so far in 2012? There are signs on the interstate coming into Nashville that says there's been over 980 traffic deaths in Tennessee this year which exceeds all of 2011. My guess is the number of people texting has significantly increased.

So you get my point. It depends.

You may be working a contract that is only an Initial Site Investigation helping the Geological Geeks build data to justify further remediation.

You may be on a job that randomly digs on anomalies and maybe only down to 1 foot deep.

Then you may be on a full remediation where you'll dig as deep as you need, usually dictated by the contract between the government and the company you work for.

Regardless of which job you're on, as a new Tech, you will not be working alone or without someone that has been doing this for years... a lot of years.

There are a handful of guys I've worked with over the last year that were EOD Techs in Vietnam! You can learn from these guys. I've only been in since 1996.

Stats are tough to come by but the only UXO related deaths that come to mind have been from young, unsupervised Techs working with fireworks.

Come on and join this uniquely qualified group of folks. You'll be glad you did.

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