how many hours are needed to become a uxo tech 2

How many hours are needed to become a UXO Tech 2?

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Nov 11, 2011
Hours to Become UXO Tech 2
by: Steve Cassidy

It's not how many hours to become UXO Tech 2 but rather how many months! I'll explain.

It takes 36 months to progress from UXO I to UXO II. Best part is, it's not working all month to make the month count.

If you start work on August 29th (31 days in August) and work all of September and work through October 1, then you count that as 3 months! You could be off all but the end of August and all but the beginning of October and it still counts as 3 months.

Keep a running notebook of days you've worked. If you work one day in a month then that counts as a month in your 36 months!

Don't complain about 36 months either.

As an EOD Tech, going from Basic Tech to Senior Tech is 2 to 3 years depending on the service and going from Senior EOD Tech to Master EOD Tech is around 5 years!

EOD Techs also sit in front of a board of their superiors to decide if they actually advance.

Keep your notebook to track the days, months and weeks of your UXO career and you'll be moving on up before you know it.

May 25, 2012
Hours to become Tech 2
by: Anonymous

Need to be careful with this statement. I work as a UXO Tech 2 in California. We have to follow DDESB TP18, This states that only worked hours counts toward advancement. So if you are not at work the hours don't count. I would check the area you are going to be working in to insure how this will work for you.

May 26, 2012
Tech II Hour Requirements
by: Steve Cassidy

Technically, you're correct about the Tech II hour requirements but it's a function of enforcement. How can the couple of guys working that, keep up with and verify to that level of minutia.

I do believe it's important to track your hours, mainly to verify that you're getting paid for the hours you're putting in.

In tracking your hours for the purpose of advancing to Tech II or III, be sure you're not counting your commute, lunch breaks or non-UXO related activities.

Also, make sure you're working on your own professional development in really understanding why you're on the grid in the first place. You may not think finding nails or construction debris is worth the effort but it's part of the data set that the customer is paying for.

Learn the GPS units and become a EM-61 rockstar.

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