How to Speak
French Italian Spanish
& Any Other Language You Want

How to speak French Italian Spanish or whatever your specific needs are, is easier than you may think.

What if you could be 80% fluent in conversation within a few weeks? Would that help you at work? Would you feel more comfortable traveling? Do you just want to check the box on your bucket list?

In either case, you can accomplish learning a language quickly without spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on language programs.

Developed by Tim Ferriss, the author of 4 Hour Work Week, Tim is the master of reverse engineering just about anything. I highly recommend the 4 Hour Work Week and his new book 4 Hour Body. Both books will take your learned notions over your life time and turn them on their head.

Universally, there are 100 words that are the most spoken. These aren't the most written and that's probably best. You won't find me hanging out in Florence Italy reading the paper and I doubt you'd want to bury your face in the local press when there's so much to do and some really cool people to chit chat with.

First a story that should make you feel much more comfortable with learning a language. I went to Rome in 1993 after living in Sicily for a year. I was speaking Sicilian with the owner of the hotel, while he was speaking English back with me. He abruptly interrupts me saying, "Stop! I don't know why you speak Sicilian but you need to stop. Everyone here speaks English. If they don't speak English, they work in the potato fields. And you're not allowed to speak to anyone that works in a potato field."

Frequent Flyer MasteryI had the benefit of beginning my traveling while I was stationed in Italy as Navy EOD but I didn't really start understanding the system until I read Frequent Flyer Mastery. This book will absolutely split the sky open for you when it comes to travel whether it's for almost free or if it's in complete luxury. This is one of the books that I continue to re-read as I build my travel bank.

Glad I live in the US where a potato farmer can have a billion dollar idea in his head, put it on paper, get funding and make it happen with others cheering him on to accomplish his dreams. You can't do that anywhere else!

It's true though. Most places you'll visit, English is spoken. If you even try to limp through their native tongue, you'll make friends.

Below you'll see the "books" to corresponding PDF's that have the list of 100 most spoken words with the corresponding list of Italian, French and Spanish. There are also sentences that will give you a good understanding of sentence structure such as Subject-Verb-Object, etc.

Take a stack of index cards and put each word on a card and its' translation on the back side.

Same with the sentences. You may even want to break those down by past, present and future. Depends on how hard core you want to be.

Flip through the cards while you're taking a break from whatever you're doing. Within a couple of weeks, you'll probably have all of them memorized.

In addition to what you've learned on the list, think about all of the words you already know:

Spaghetti, pizza, croissant, paella, cerveza, birra, etc. Have fun with food and drink! When you look back, the times eating and drinking with locals will be the most memorable for you and for them. They'll remember the American that said, "I'm slow. I can't eat anymore dog!"

In parting, what do you call someone that speaks 2 languages? Bilingual.

What do you call someone that speaks 3 languages? Trilingual.

What do you call someone that speaks 1 language? American!
Click on the books to open and download the PDF and Enjoy!

Speak French

Speak Italian

Speak Spanish

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