Jason Marks
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Jason Marks and I have known each other for a long time so writing this brought back some great memories. If you're ever close to Wilmington, NC, better stop in, grab a beer and listen to one of the best entertainers out there.

Jason, what is your background?

I got my first degree in Mass Media Communication from UNC Wilmngton then shortly after graduation the band I was in, Far Too Jones, landed a nice little record deal on Mammoth Records, one of Disney's smaller labels...so, the party kept going after graduation!!! Partied like a rock star for a couple years...then I woke up one day joined the US NAVY!!!

Jason Marks

How did you find out about the UXO industry?

I MED rolled twice during dive phase of NAVY EOD school, ultimately got medically discharged...But, one day while doin' push ups in the sand...I had a size 16 boots by my head attached to a large bald man yelling at me...don't remember exactly what he said but I smiled and yelled HOO-YAHHHHH as loud as I could...moments later the MOUNTAIN standing over me leaned down to ask,"Did that sound Mean enough?"...I replied Hoo Yahh Instructor Cassidy...That's how I met my best friend Steve who recently pointed me in the direction of doing UXO work!!!

You had a short military background, no electronics background and you’ve never blown anything up. What was school like for you?

School was a grind...but luckily I learned good study habits in Nursing school...Metric SHYT ton of information in a short time!!! The hardest part for me was being separated from my Lovely Woman...but we both went into this with the premise of...SHORT TERM PAIN for LONG TERM GAIN!!!

You graduated school but then how long was it until you were working?

Everyone in CLASS 44 had UXO contracts 2 weeks from graduation...so, there was little no DOWN TIME...

If you were talking with someone about moving into the UXO field, what would you tell them?

I would say... if you were dropped anywhere on the planet, would you be able to start making money ASAP? or If you lost EVERYTHING could you walk down the street and start making money immediately?

Most people couldn't answer yes... I have a unique set of skills - UXO being one of them- and I can land anywhere in the Universe and start working as a NURSE, a Musician, a cigar roller, and a UXO-Tech...

I would encourage people to acquire as many skill sets as they can, especially during our recent UNEXPECTED economic down turn so that you ALWAYS HAVE A SOURCE of REVENUE...YOU ALWAYS HAVE OPTIONS!!!

You’re almost 40 years old, when are you going back to nursing?

I will ALWAYS perform music (Jason Marks Band)...I will ALWAYS roll cigars...I will ALWAYS be a nurse...I will ALWAYS be a UXO Tech...and after playin' with BANG (explosives)...I cannot see myself in a clinical setting being a pharmaceutical PEZ dispenser...but if ya get hurt out on the GRID, I will come running and slap a BAND-AID on ya!!!

Editor's Note: Jason Marks is an extraordinary individual and an even better friend. Personally, I don't remember yelling at him! Well, OK! Maybe a little.

He is correct in looking at global jobs and building your skill sets. Check out our training to put you on the road to being Globally Employable.

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