Jobs that pay six figures

What are jobs that pay six figures?

Six Figure Jobs
by: Steve Cassidy

Did your school teacher or professor ever tell you you could have a six figure income with 4 weeks of training?

Mine didn't either!

If you could go to a university for 4 weeks and come out making a six figure income, how much would you be willing to pay for that education?

A typical university is about $40,000 per year. If it's 4-5 years to finish a degree, you're looking at $200,000. You'll make your money back in 2 years after spending 4 years going through school.

That's 4 years of lost income and at $100,000, you're just short of half a million bucks in your pocket!

What if what you study becomes obsolete and you'll need to be re-trained? It happens and it happens a lot.

You had better be very flexible in the future if you plan to survive, let alone profit.

So where are the six figure jobs with 4 weeks of training?

The UXO School at TEEX! Just look to the upper left side bar of this site and click on "Bomb Tech" for all the details.

Don't have 4 weeks? Make Money Now!"

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