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Legal jobs are available in all areas of the country and OCONUS as well due to international commerce.

Bounty Hunter

Some of the jobs that I've done for attorneys is surveillance on child custody cases, a murder investigation questioning a witness, white collar investigations, subpoena process serving and my favorite, marketing legal plans. All of these jobs were initiated by an attorney and I highly recommend that you stay away from private party contracts.

Warning!  This web site may just get you killed!  But then you're dying a slow painful death driving to and from a job you hate anyway.
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Legal jobs are great. Just make sure you're legal. I'm a licensed armed guard and was a licensed private investigator. Don't overstep the law with enthusiasm for doing this kind of work.

Let's start with Process Serving as there is no licensing requirements in most states. Again, presenting people with bad news such as subpoenas may not be well received. Be in shape and have your head on a swivel looking for trouble.

How I Promote Myself as a Process Server

In June of 2011 I was paid $700 to deliver 11 subpoenas. This didn't take a lot of time but it did take some coordination and good communication skills. $700 not enough money for you? That money was paid as a 1099. I have all of the tax advantages for write offs and I would have to make $1100 before taxes to walk away with $700.

How to Become a Process Server

I received a call from old friend that was in a bind trying to find someone to deliver the subpoenas. She didn't know I was in town and I asked when she needed them delivered.

We met for lunch and she gave me the details and the addresses where I would be delivering the subpoenas. With the attorney's approval the next day, I was off, paperwork in hand.

I took the addresses and entered them into Google Maps and then my GPS to systematically deliver the subpoenas with little backtracking.

Ah! Good intentions. The first stop I made close to the house but find the person I'm serving is on vacation. The drive is on! The first day, I was able to deliver 6 of the subpoenas. One was on vacation, 2 were at work during the day, missed one by 10 minutes at his office but was able to make an appointment to deliver it the next morning. The last one's paperwork had to be redone prior to delivering.

It was no big deal for me as I was enjoying some down time from my UXO work and was able to catch up with some friends as I was making my rounds around the city.

The following morning, in order to beat rush hour, I left early and waited for my appointment at his office parking lot. If you're in business, you'll probably be sued. If you're not being sued, you're probably not doing enough. Everyone on this case was cordial with an occasional "inconvenienced attitude."

I was able to catch my vacationer on the way home from the appointment. This left me two that worked during the day and the primary subpoena that had to be redone to include a Deuces Tecum.

A Duces Tecum is the Latin term for what all you are required by law to bring with you when you show up for court. If you're looking at legal jobs, make sure you get a copy of Barron's or Black's Law Dictionary so that you can speak intelligently when interviewing for the position.

I was able to deliver the 3 subpoenas the following day with little effort other than a drive in the car and a stop at Starbucks.

Doesn't seem difficult other than a bit stressful not knowing how people will react. I'm not too worried about that due to having a world of experience doing everything else I've done.

Because you're dealing with attorneys (the kings of Legal Jobs), you'll want to be very organized and communicate with the attorney or the assistant handling the paperwork. At the end of each day, I emailed a detailed report to include times, mileage, who I spoke with where and if I served the subpoena.

Included in each subpoena is a sheet called "Proof of Service." At the end of the day, I scanned those in after signing the appropriate blocks and included them as a PDF with the daily report.

You may get the job to start with but keeping the job is critical and that comes in to be very detail oriented. If you can shoot to bore the attorney with details, you'll be rehired for the next batch as they know you'll do a great job for them.

In conclusion, in 3 days, I made $700 clear which I would have to make $1100 before taxes. For that income, legal jobs is a good option for me.

Be fit, be smart and network with attorneys to get a break in the business. If you'd like to see how to approach any high end business person such as an attorney, physician or affluent person, please visit the FAQ or ask your question here:

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