Life Insurance for UXO PMC

by Scott

How dangerous is this job if you work strictly in the US?

I need to have life insurance as I have kids...I'm hearing its hard to get or really expensive...?

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Nov 10, 2010
UXO PMC Life Insurance is a Must
by: Anonymous

Thank you Scott for submitting this question.

As a father of 2 children and a husband as well as being former financial consultant, I would look at buying a policy ASAP regardless of what your profession is.

Term life insurance is very inexpensive.

If you purchase the policy prior to going to school or your first job, there's no moral/ethical problems answering some of the questions about your employment type.

Now, I do recommend using a quality company that has been around for a while.

My broker is a guy named Tony Youssefi. I highly recommend him because he understands the unique nature of our business and he writes my policies.

Underwriters, the ones that make the decisions to allow you to have their insurance, are fairly understanding.

If you're unhealthy and smoke, it doesn't matter what your profession is, it's probably going to be expensive or at least more expensive than if you're a fit non-smoker.

While we're speaking of life insurance, make sure you get a Will prepared for yourself and your family. Again, regardless of what your profession is, you need a Will. If you don't assign it to someone, your state will get it!

I don't believe that UXO work is "dangerous." Certainly, OCONUS is more dangerous than CONUS but we are well trained.

Complacency kills! Doesn't matter if it's UXO or driving down the road. If you're sloppy, what can you realistically expect?

Respect where you are working regardless of where its at.

Keep the questions coming.

Steve Cassidy

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