My List of Careers

My list of careers spans the globe from here in the US and to all of the "Hot Spots" and vacation destinations that most dream of visiting.

Being Globally Employable makes international travel much easier as you acquire and possess skill sets that are in high demand. By picking up a certification or two, you'll be well on your way to visiting some of the "Interesting" places that few dare to go and many dream to go but never find a way.

Listening to Jimmy Buffet's Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes may be appropriate while reading this list of careers.

Italy - Lived in Sicilia for 7 years. Counter-Mafia, Executive Protection, Navy EOD.

Spain - Skydiving accident. Ate a lizard that was in a bottle after drinking whatever was in the bottle.

Philippines - Bit by a spider requiring antibiotics and no beer for 10 days! Security and Executive Protection.

Guam - Security

Papua New Guinea - 10 days in the jungle for UXO Quick Reaction Force for US State Department. Located about 10,000 UXO items.

Australia - UXO

Gibraltar - EOD, Shooting and Dive Ops - Shout out to Roy's Fish and Chips!

Greece - EOD

Ukraine - Exchanged $20 for "coupons" and bought beer for everyone in the bar. Still had "coupons" left at the end.

Bulgaria - EOD Dive

Romania - EOD Dive

Bosnia - UXO work, U2 Executive Protection/bomb squad, Dive Ops

Herzegovina - EOD

Croatia - EOD

Sarajevo - I know. It's a city! Picked up PIFWIC's with SEAL Teams 2 & 8

England - Big Beers - EOD

Germany - Bigger Beers - EOD and Brief SOCOM and EUCOM on Niger as a PMC.

Austria - Rode my Harley through there from Italy going to Bavaria.

Malta - Wow!

France - Underwater UXO ops with the French and English!

Belgium - EOD

Niger - Great people. Initial survey for humanitarian demining.

Kuwait - UXO

Dubai - UXO

Pakistan - Taught IED's with some great guys to some great guys stuck in a tough situation.

Hawaii - Security, Prisoner Transport

Denmark - Underwater UXO operations and yes, the water was cold!

Iceland - EOD

Israel - worked with Israeli EOD and US Secret Service.

Palestine - Arafat's HQ in Ramallah with Madeline Albright

Turkey - Dove in the Straights of Istanbul.

Czechoslovakia - EOD

Montenegro - EOD

Azores - Body Bowling. The pins hurt.

Newfoundland - EOD

Puerto Rico - Rosey Roads for UXO

Holland - Demo, shooting, diving, beers with German, Dutch, Belgium EOD.

In my list of careers and locations, the job descriptions are vague but I can tell you that the work wasn't always fun but the people were great! There are a bunch of stories associated with each one of the locations listed above that are far more interesting than the job I did.

As you decide what you want to do professionally, keep in mind that there are a lot of great people and only a handful of bad people. You should go experience all the places and the people that you can.

Being Globally Employable means that you're a professional that employers will continually seek out for more jobs but that you'll develop a view of the world that others will never have.

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