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When employed as an UXO Tech, do you live by the "office" and travel to sites, or do you live where you live and travel to job sites with no need to live near the office?

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Feb 21, 2011
Where to Live for UXO
by: Steve Cassidy

Thanks for the great question! There are UXO related companies all across the US. Fortunately, we don't need to live near them.

Most UXO Techs bounce around from company to company as contracts they want/places they want to work come available.

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When you're hired by a company to go on a UXO contract, you'll either drive or fly to the city you'll be staying in.

If you drive you'll receive 50 cents per mile from your home to the hotel. At the end of the job you'll receive the same to go home.

If you fly, someone will pick you up as the companies usually have some rental trucks. You keep the frequent flier miles.

While working in South Carolina, the company I was working for hired a brand new Tech I from Hawaii. They flew him out and gave him rental car to use during the duration of the contract.

I know he's been on multiple jobs with that company so they're flying him to and from Hawaii on a regular basis.

So if you live in a great place like I do (Franklin, TN), be rest assured you don't have to move anywhere...unless you're wanting to move somewhere else.

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