Long term need for UXO techs

How likely is it that 20 or even 10 years from now all UXOs have been cleaned up and there is no need for UXO techs?

Realistically, there will always be UXOs, but realistically, will there be enough to keep UXO techs employed over the next 30 years?

Simply, job availability is inversely correlated to amount of UXOs in the world, so it can either remain steady, increase, or decrease, so what's your judgement?


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Oct 06, 2014
Future of UXO Work
by: Steve Cassidy

To address the question of long term work for UXO work and the future of UXO work over the next 10-30 years, I'd say that there probably will be and here's why.

CAVEAT: How many folks owning or working in record shops, video stores or car manufacturing thought technology would change so significantly that they'd be out of business or replaced by robotics.

The people replaced by robotics didn't cause a net negative decline in the workforce as robotics manufacturing, design, build made up for the loss.

EOD has been using robots for decades as well as mechanical whips to clear fields but there's still a need for someone trained to walk out there to ensure it's actually clear.

The US military continues to practice bombing right here in 'Merica. Ranges have to be cleared.

From a finance side, the land is worth infinitely more that what we're being paid and the land can't be turned over to commercial expansion without the land being cleared.

Why should you get into UXO? So you can get out of UXO!

You're going to make great money as a UXO Tech but knowing that the only constant in life is change, why wouldn't you cross-train into something physically easier and/or pays more/ allows you to live where you want?

The folks manufacturing records, 8-tracks and CD's thought they'd have a life-long career and they were wrong.

Use UXO to get a sizable savings built so you have the ability to move into something else.

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