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Need to make more money? How about making it while you're making a paycheck at your job and while you're sleeping?

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Here's a quick look inside on how I do it.

When I sit down with people to show them my websites they're always amazed at what I do to make more money online.

Let me make this perfectly clear, I'm an EOD Technician. I have no formal training in computers, HTML, SEO or whatever the tech of the day is. I work for multiple companies as an EOD or UXO Tech, I own my own company and I work for other companies as business development or consulting. I can also say there are things that I don't do. I don't sit on my butt watching TV, playing X-Box or Farmville.

This is my no BS way I have built my web business which is designed to make more money than just me working myself.

Yes, having a properly working website makes you Globally Employable. I generate revenue world-wide through my sites.

It probably started out of accident or maybe the timing for me was perfect.

I read a lot of books and have for over 9 years. One of those was Robert G. Allens' Multiple Streams of Income and then his book Multiple Streams of Internet Income.

In his internet book, he had websites listed where you could sign up for a free web site to sell stuff. You make a commission when someone buys something.

Nice try. It doesn't work.

I then was introduced to a website system that you build your site block-by-block. Add a title, add text, add a picture, add a link, etc.

This system cost me $300 for a year.

My first site using this system was about real estate investing. Amazingly, I was getting subscribers to my ezine and getting good traffic.

As we all now, the market took a dump and I shut down the site. As I was only half way into the year, the company reset my site so that I could start all over again.

As a former Navy EOD Tech, it was time to start my own company and I needed a website fast.

I really didn't know exactly what my business would specialize in so when it was time to register my URL, which is included in the price, I decided on

Fast forward to now, my company, SGC Group still uses that website! (including this site and one other of mine) Long ago, I did buy my domain name, from and it's pointed at

I have no intention of ever having some web guy build my site and here's why:

I pay $300 per year for my site. I get the site, the URL, an ezine, all the reporting which tells me how many visitors per day, top overall pages, top entry pages, top exit pages, what websites are bringing people to my site (Google, Bing, Yahoo…), key words that people use to find us, countries those people are in.

The site tells me what links were clicked to my affiliate programs, what the most profitable keywords to use when I build a page. The site actually teaches you SEO as you build a page! It has an "Analyze" button that will tell you if you built it correctly or not.

I have a website system to make more money.

So back to the web guy I'll never use. I get calls all the time from SEO companies saying for $5000 they can put me on the top 3 pages of Google!

Dude! I'm number one, two or three on page one of Google for my core business and a bunch of other things and I only spend $300 per year!

Long silence followed by an Oh! and a click.

I had another web guy say that the system I use is "good for beginners." What a clown!

Well Mr. Webguy, my beginner web kit made me in excess of $24,000 on one contract because someone found me on page one of Google.

In addition, I have built a site using this system for a retail intelligence company. My pay: 2 round-trip tickets from the US to Rome Italy! OK, I didn't build the whole site. I built the first 5 pages. They took it over from there.

Check this out to see all the details on how building a site that means something to you, can provide you a great living and have you make more money!

If you see one of those condescending-know-it-all web guys, ask him why he doesn't make money on his own site.

So now I have a great site that places well in the search engines because I've built it like I'm supposed to.

So how do you make more money?

I make money online a lot of different ways. Best part is, most of them are FREE! But first, I had to define how I wanted to do that. Listed below are my favorite ways to make money online.

Click on the links below that interests you most:

I host my Online EOD Gear Catalog with Big Commerce:

BigCommerce: The easiest way to sell online!

Google Adsense Get Paid by Google!

Author and sell eBooks - How I sell How to Profit from Disaster

Amazon Affiliate- Sell Anything and Everything on Amazon!

Commission Junction Sell all kinds of stuff on your site!

Top of How I Make More Money

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