Military Cuts and Impact on UXO Industry

by Jon Shoemaker

I recently saw an interview with Leon Panetta, January, 2012, where he said his primary job will be managing the decrease in military spending over the next few years.

Assuming you want to stay in the US, aren't the majority of UXO engagements funded by the US military?

How do you think military cuts will impact future demand for UXO tech I's?

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Feb 10, 2012
Military Downsizing Government Spending Cuts Impact on UXO Industry
by: Steve Cassidy

Great question regarding military downsizing and government spending cuts impact on the UXO industry.

Military downsizing may or may not happen due for multiple reasons.

The biggest is the geo-political situation in the Middle East with Syria, which is backed by Iran...which surrounded by Iraq and Afghanistan. Drones need to take off and land from somewhere as we move further into a high-tech military force.

You can probably look at the relationship of technology and blue collar/industrial jobs to see high tech changes the status quo. Everyone needs to get up to speed on technology if they plan to survive, UXO Techs included.

Next reason is the Russian re-build up of it's Army. This is great news! What? The flare up in the Middle East was caused to the power vacuum created when the Soviet Union collapsed. Draw a line from Yugoslavia to Afghanistan.

Turkey is the only stable region on the line. Look for them to be a World Power soon.

Russia is now cash rich due to...

Feb 10, 2012
Military Downsizing Government Spending Cuts Impact on UXO Industry 2
by: Steve Cassidy

Russia is now cash rich due to their owning the natural gas pipeline to Europe. They can now feed and outfit an army. Cold War? Kind of. Keep in mind elected leaders try to keep their jobs by cheering for their side. Russia's problem is that they're not cash-rich enough to float a new fleet for decades let alone a submarine force. Go Navy!

Downsizing military doesn't necessarily mean they're going into the UXO industry. There will be plenty of opening for Private Military Contractors that want to hold a post or provide mobile response just like they did in the Service.

Most EOD Techs go to the IED side of the house as instructors or go on to another line of work completely outside the realm of EOD. In between my being Navy EOD and founding SGC Group, I was a top producer for a network marketing company and top producer for a financial-based Fortune 75 firm.

Yes, our economy is a mess and our spending is out of control. With that, if the entire system crashes, we as a capitalist nation will be the first ones back up and running.

Focusing on the UXO community at large as it relates to government spending, I believe we are safe for multiple reasons.

UXO doesn't fall under DoD with the slight sideways exception I'll discuss later.

UXO cleans up the environment. Put on your tie-dyes and Birkenstocks and lets go hug a tree! Y'all really need start having fun with this.

Under but slightly sideways of DoD funding is BRAC, Base Realignment And Closure. Put your finance hats on for a moment. How much does it cost to clear an acre of land, on a former base, which is probably located in proximity to the ocean? Same as it does to clear the same acre in the Midwest.

What is the true commercial land value...

Feb 10, 2012
Military Downsizing Government Spending Cuts Impact on UXO Industry 3
by: Steve Cassidy

What is the true commercial land value of the base? The land is turned over for commercial use or residential/retail-type housing.

Company buys land, builds building, creating jobs.

People move to area for jobs from building to running the business.

People moving in need to eat.

Companies buy land open groceries, Applebees, McDonald's, Starbucks which were built by hungry construction crews.

Happy construction crews and high tech employees have babies which grow up eating and now need to go to schools.

Blue collar worker not making enough is sick of busting his butt and goes to community college, gets degree and begins working as high-tech employee.

After several years, high-tech employee gets sick and tired of boss' incompetence and starts own company which will fit perfectly in the newest building that was just finished after a BRAC closure.

That was a long story for me to go around my thumb to get to my elbow. Now re-read those paragraphs with the word "tax" next to each noun and verb.

An acre of land can be worth tens of millions of dollars! Congratulations for making the bottom of this page. Please share us by clicking on the Facebook icon below or Like us by clicking at the top of the page.

Mar 26, 2012
Russian sub
by: Jim

Russian subs are so loud when they crank'em up back out of port, scanners pick them up while on standby mode, from thousands of miles away.

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