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What does it require to work OCONUS UXO jobs, in terms of special certifications or requirements?

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Jan 24, 2011
OCONUS UXO Job Requirements
by: Steve Cassidy

OCONUS jobs are available but I believe you can make as good a check here CONUS without being shot at.

You?ll need to establish yourself on the grid here CONUS as a true professional and someone will get you plugged in. Be patient.

If you've never deployed to Iraq or AFG in the military or other combat role, you may be the best UXO Tech but they don?t have time to get you OJT in AFG or Iraq. It's dangerous enough just showing up to take the time to fine tune your skills.

Take your time and earn a great reputation. The jobs will come up.

Naturally, you're going to need a passport and a clean background check. A very clean background check.

As a UXO Tech in Iraq or AFG you will not be "authorized" to carry a weapon. Yep, sounds stupid to me too! I think we all now what I mean when I say "authorized." I highly recommend taking an advanced shooting course with Glocks and the AK-47.

The money spent on the course will be well worth it if you ever need it.

Thank you for the great question. If you have a question, submit it here or use the "Contact Me" form and I'll personally answer your question and may post it in this forum.

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Mar 03, 2013
UXO Blues
by: Greg

Hi - Great site!

I'm preparing to attend the Teex course soon. After scouring the web for any and all information, I have come across a few disconcerting posts from upset folks. They are telling stories (http://www.socnet.com/showthread.php?p=1058240082) of 75% graduate unemployment and Tech I over saturation beyond repair.

I know anything worthwhile is hard and patience is paramount. I guess I'm just looking for another opinion before believing an individual that possibly just gave up. Any feedback is appreciated.

Failure is not an option in my life (if the risk is worth the chance) - however, I don't want to be setup for failure if that's the case. Like most, I have way too much to lose.

Again, thanks for the great site and any good/bad confirmations.

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