Personal Radiation Detector

A Personal Radiation Detector is a great way to know if you're being exposed to radiation, allowing you the best ability to decide how to react.

Can you rely on what you're being told about your exposure to radiation sources caused by man-made events, terrorism and natural disasters?

Three-fourths of the nuclear facilities in the US have some kind of radioactive leak with the majority going into the fresh water supply.

Eased federal restrictions on nuclear facilities have occurred at an increasing rate due to the age of the reactors.

radiation dosimeter badge

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The US faces the possibility of fallout from the terrible event that unfolded in Japan recently, short-comings in our own nuclear power plant system as well as terrorist attacks.

Increased levels of awareness are required to mitigate the impact of these events not only on a national level but a personal level.

Earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, industrial accidents and terrorism cause damage to buildings and infrastructure but what's contained in the buildings around you, distant relatives, vacation destinations and business travel?

Radiation sources are commercially available and these can be released during a natural event. How would you know other than seeing people dressed in funny suits walking around.

The badge is your extra set of eyes to look out for what you can't see.

EOD Gear, a subsidiary of Training Center Pros is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business founded by form Navy EOD Technician and author of Globally Employable, Steve Cassidy. Steve Cassidy's customers include DoD, DOE, DHS, USACE, SPECWAR, SOCOM, EOD commands, not-for-profits and private citizens.

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