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Physics of Success -

How hot does water have to be to boil an egg? The same that it is to lift a rocket into outer space!

If you can lift a rocket to the moon or boil an egg at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, what can you do at 211 degrees? Not much.

Now those of you that actually paid attention in class (I personally did not but that’s another story), you would say that yes that’s true but that it also depends on some variables.

Water boils at 212° when at atmospheric pressure. Without going into too much detail, water could boil at 100 degrees if you were in a vacuum or it couldn’t boil until you hit 400 degrees at increased pressure like you’d find using a pressure cooker.

At your given atmospheric pressure, you’ll need a specific amount of gas to get to your required temperature to begin the boil and a specific amount of gas to maintain it.

The more the atmospheric pressure, the more energy needed. Less atmospheric pressure requires less energy.

When I was in school, no one could tell me why I needed to make good grades, study or pay attention. I heard what they were telling me but they couldn’t answer my “Why”.

Because we are all from Earth, we all belong to this big population pool. We further divide ourselves by what country we live in, what college or pro team we support, what business we work for, our education, race, religion and much more.

Within our given pools, let’s call it our box, our society determines what is “normal” or “acceptable.”

We’ve all heard the phrase “outside the box” but I don’t believe we really can be and that we operate within many over lapping boxes of family, friends, work, personal fitness, sports, favorite restaurants, etc.

Physics of Success - Our Work Box

Within your area of your box there are a given number of people that do what you do. Atmospheric pressure is 14.7 psi at sea level. Your work box atmospheric pressure is determined by the number of people doing your job plus the number of people trying to get your job less those exiting your field of work.

It’s an ugly picture of sweaty bodies cranking up the heat and the pressure in a panic to stay employed. But Wait! There are those that are in your box that are enjoying a great life with little to no effort!

You’re right! While all the masses are burning at 211 degrees, our societal norm, they are making it hot for, and pressuring, everyone without accomplishing anything. Those successful few pushing the box further out, burned ONE degree hotter and accomplished more than what all the others did combined.

Physics of Success - Getting One More Degree of Heat

If you’re in your box with a lot of other people (your atmospheric pressure), you’re going to need a bunch more heat.

This may be accomplished by staying in the business and paying your dues or by adding additional qualifications that benefit your employer or company. Remember, you don’t have to outrun the bear. You only have to outrun the slowest guy.

Another option, and I believe the best, is to enter or create a new box that operates at a vacuum (less people creating pressure allowing you to boil water more easily). This would be classically defined as your niche market. If you’re the only one doing it and there’s a need for your product or information, then you’re going to boil your water with less energy.

There’s no need to wait to create your new box. You can begin the process of building your box and adding your one extra degree of heat right now.

I’ll make you this guarantee: If you add that one degree of energy, you will make those burning at 211 degrees mad. Expect, better yet, revel in that fact and welcome to the club.

Looking for a launching point?  Here's how:  Work with me!

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