Pre-UXO work

by Jessie Gollihugh

I'm chomping at the bit to start my new career in UXO. I am getting ready to take the HAZWOPER course on your other site.

I want to start in the field as soon as possible and figure that I can at least start on some jobs as a UXO sweep personnel.

My question is how do I get into this field as a sweep person with no experience?

The jobs I've found ask me to submit my resume, but honestly, I have no experience to put onto a resume.

I am a Veteran from the ordnance field, but that experience was 10+ years ago.

How can I make my resume stand out and what exactly are the employers looking for in the sweep guys other that the HAZWOPER?

Thanks for your help and your work on this website, you are such an amazing resource for me in the new career field endevour for me and my family. Thanks Steve!


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Apr 22, 2014
Pre UXO as Sweep Personnel
by: Steve Cassidy


Thank you for your question and the comments. I'm glad to help.

Most people have not been exposed to ordnance so the simple fact that you have and having the OSHA HAZWOPER, is a lay up for you.

As a UXO Tech, you'll follow a specific US Army Corps of Engineers format for your resume. They will cover that in school.

For now, I would just list your military experience, always a bonus, and the fact that your MOS was ordnance handling.

Combined with your HAZWOPER, you should have no problems finding work.

Also, keep in mind, there may be a market for the HAZWOPER where you currently live.

Hit the job boards and enter HAZWOPER and see what comes up. May be something just down the street that pays well enough until you get to school.

Keep me posted on where you're at and thanks again.


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