Recommended Reading

Here is my list of recommended reading to put you on the road to taking control of your finances and becoming Globally Employable.

Explosives and Blasting - Learn how to use explosives
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Explosives and Blasting - Learn how to use explosives by Jack Peters the founder and instructor of the Northwest Explosives Academy.  This Book & DVD combo is a must have if you're in the business or are making a decision to become a Blaster or UXO Tech.  Click Here to get more information and purchase the set!

the $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau
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Chris, the author, sent me a copy of this book prior to the release and this book flat out rocks! The $100 Startup will open your eyes to how you can begin to change your financial future whether you want to or like many, had to.

We all know I'm giving away a seat to UXO School so here's what I'm doing: If you buy Chris' book, I'll give you 100 entries into the giveaway and I'll send you a copy of How to Profit from Disaster! for FREE! Get it Here!

Be sure to send me your receipt so I know where to send you HTPFD! and add 100 giveaway entries for you.

How to Profit from Disaster
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When you purchase How to Profit from Disaster! for $9.95, You're going to learn how to prepare your home and family for when a disaster strikes and how to make a significant income by responding to disasters. But Wait! There's more! You're also going to receive a copy of Globally Employable for FREE! I will be selling Globally Employable for at $19.95 if not more!
Globally Employable

will be released this late fall. Email me your receipt and you'll be one of the first to have it and your 100 entries for the UXO School giveaway.

4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss - This book Rocks!
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The 4 Hour Body - One of the best fitness books I've ever read! Want to lose weight? Want to gain size but not strength? How about gain strength without size? The 4 Hour Body written by Tim Ferris takes all of his exact details, down to minutia, on how he accomplished all of these to achieve the exact way he wanted to look, feel and be. 4 Hour Body gives you the step-by-step process to achieve your goals. There's also 2 rocking chapters on sex you really don't want to miss!

Recommended for Business

Atlas Shrugged


Think & Grow Rich

Good To Great

Acres of Diamonds

E-Myth Revisted

Tipping Point

Purple Cow

Recommended for Life

The Bible

Atlas Shrugged

How to Win Friends & Influence People

Who Moved My Cheese

Greatest Salesman in the World

As a Man Thinketh


Crossing the Chasm

Top of Recommended Reading

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