Schonstedt Metal Detector

by Steve Cassidy

Schonstedt Ordnance Locator

Schonstedt Ordnance Locator

Schonstedt Ordnance Locator
Me with the Schonstedt

As an UXO Technician, I have used the Schonstedt on a daily basis. It's the primary piece of gear that you'll use in the field.

Basically, the Schonstedt is a big ugly yellow stick with a box on the end of it which contains the selector switch that allows you to turn it on and adjust your sensitivity or depth of suspect items.

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The detector can be used to "point locate" something by poking the black tipped end down towards where you're looking.

As we dig holes, we'll pick up anomalies not only in the bottom of the hole but the sides as well.

The magnetometer extends up the tube so that you can use that portion during your sweep.

The majority of people using this detector use it find ferrous metal targets such as artillery rounds, grenades, mortars, weapons caches and some ammunition, frag, MPPEH, and MEC.

Clearly these are all a bit bigger than looking for coins, rings and other dropped treasures but I believe it's more fun and profitable.

The Schonstedt runs on two 9 volt batteries located in the box on the end that houses the electronics, volume and selector switches.

As a UXO/EOD Tech, this detector gets the highest rating as it's used globally.

If you find yourself going to UXO school, you'll be trained to properly use this and the White's Ordnance Locator in the field.

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