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Interesting Places and My list of careers.

Top 10 Reasons to be Globally Employable.

Unexploded Ordnance Technician

Schonstedt Ordnance Locator

Trimble Geo GPS

Commercial Diver

Navy Diver

Disaster Clean Up Jobs

Executive Protection

Executive Protection Lawsuits Skyrocket!

Executive Protection Training

Legal Jobs

How to Beat Speeding Tickets

Instructor Certification Training

Success Stories

Best Paid Career List - Do You Really Want to be a Physician?

Jim Corder - Corporate America to UXO

Jason Marks - Musician, Nurse, Cigar Aficionado to UXO Tech

Norm Piper - Business Executive and Japanese Linguist to UXO Tech

Training to Make You Globally Employable

40 Hour HAZWOPER Training

TWIC Card - Transportation Workers Identification Card

Got a Question?

How do you find and approach clients for Executive Protection?

Do UXO companies offer Health Insurance?

What companies can I combine UXO and Security Part II?

What companies can I combine UXO and Security?

Do I need to live near the UXO company I work for?

Where can I get a list of UXO ranges?

Is a security clearance required for UXO?

What are the training and experience requirements for all levels of UXO Technicians?

Are there age considerations for Global Employment?

Is UXO or HDS the best solution for me?

How do Misdemeanors affect My Background Check?

What is the typical UXO job duration?

How do I get an OCONUS UXO job?

Can I take my camper to a UXO job?

Should I do EMT or UXO?

What is the best way to move from OCONUS Contractor to UXO and PSD?

Should I work for one UXO company or should I take jobs with different UXO companies?

Should Women and the Middle Aged Work in the UXO field?

Combine UXO and Geo Background

Need a military background?

What's the typical UXO day look like?

Life Insurance for UXO and PMC's?

Additional Study and Reference Material for UXO?

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Globally Employable Blog

How to Speak French, Italian and Spanish

How to Hack Hotel and Airline Points for Free Travel

How to Profit from Disaster!

Globally Employable Newsletter Back Issues

Globally Employable Death Quotes

Globally Employable in the News
Globally Employable in Lance Armstrong's

How to Eliminate an Impossible Situation

What Globally Employable Looks Like

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