Tax Free Income

Looking for Tax Free Income?

As a former Fortune 75 financial advisor, I have a great understanding of how to make and keep more money.

When I was a broker, the best we could do for our clients was muni bonds which provided a tax free dividend at about 2.5% annual return!

In common terms, that sucks! It's like what's the point? You actually have to pay a premium for those bonds. If you wanted to buy a $100 tax free bond, you'd actually have to pay about $105! You're already 5% behind the second you buy it.

Per Diem, as I've mentioned above is tax free! I've made as much as $141 in Per Diem. That's $987 a week in tax free revenue. Doesn't suck.

But what if you can't work a job that pays Per Diem? You already have a great career and are making a significant income but you're getting hammered with taxes.

Use the Contact Me tab to let me know and I'll give you a great way to help you make and keep more.

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