The Trimble® Geo GPS Review

by Steve Cassidy

Trimble GEO GPS

Trimble GEO GPS

I was able to write the Trimble® Geo GPS review after using for a couple of weeks doing a Site Investigation looking for UXO on Parris Island, SC.

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The guys in the office had given us some boundaries and transact lines to cut through the suspect areas.

We started out by using the Trimble to plot points on the boundaries by zooming down to a 10 foot range which makes the screens field of view 10 feet. This lets us set points exactly where we need them.

Where we were at, we could see about 5-7 satellites and we'd plot the points using the write function for a 30 count which last about a minute.

After the north and south points were set, we could then walk the lines using the pre-programmed data. Again, we would walk the lines on the 10 foot setting.

The GPS allowed us to zoom in and zoom out to see where we were on the grid and find the next point to start the next transact line.

Occasionally, we'd lose the satellites when we had a thick canopy but this didn't slow us down too much as we would hold our line until the satellites were back.

As a UXO Technician you'll be well served learning the Trimble as soon as you can.

One of my friends, Norm, is a Trimble Guru and he never has a problem getting work because the company knows he can run the GPS better than anyone else.

There's a lot to learn on the Trimble but it is well worth the time as you'll want to make yourself the most knowledgeable UXO Tech I.

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