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The (UXO) training course costs over 7,000 dollars. That's a lot of money. What percentage of your graduates have careers after they graduate? Simply put, how do I know I'm not just wasting 7,000 dollars?

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Aug 04, 2012
Is paying for UXO training worth the price
by: Steve Cassidy

Great question! I believe this question applies to all training, not just UXO. So let's get to it! Is paying for UXO training worth the price of admission?

As we all know I'm a huge fan of personnel development and I recommend to everyone, yes, you, that you invest 10% of your income back into your personnel and professional development. Do the math in your head. It works.

A family member of mine just finished their Bachelor's degree at The Ohio State University after 5 years and about $45K a year. That's $225K in school.

He finally got a job and is making about $35K. I'm not sure but I'm being generous on the numbers. With some raises along the way, he's looking at 6 years to get to breakeven.

I've already explained how to make in excess of $100K as an entry level UXO Tech.

I have a job coming up where the M&I (Meals and Incidentals) is $141 per day. We're being reimbursed for our hotel! The job is 5 weeks. 35 days x $141 = $4,935 not counting pay! Per Diem is the same for everyone.

So in this case, after 5 weeks, you're half way to paying for your school and room & board while attending class.

An important note: Not sure who's charging $7000 for UXO School but TEEX charges $8000. You're also looking at $2000 for room and board but that across the board. My point is that if you go to anywhere but TEEX, you're going to have a hard time finding work. Spend the extra money.

I speak with UXO PM's all the time as I'm usually a SUXOS. The PM's are sick of the way the other school's are running their programs. TEEX is the only one's they want to work with.

So is paying for UXO training worth the price? Honestly, only you can decide that. The better question is what are you investing in yourself to build a financial wall around yourself and your family?

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