Typical Day for UXO

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What is the typical day like on a UXO job?

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Oct 31, 2010
Typical Day on the UXO Grid
by: Anonymous

Most days on the grid follow a fairly standard schedule with minor adjustments based on contract details when ordnance, UXO, is found.

The day starts with a safety "Tailgate" meeting when all of the team members show up for work.

The Safety/ Quality Control Tech gives the brief and covers topics such as expected weather, what ordnance you have a chance of running into, the most used phrase on the grid "Slips, Trips and Falls," emergency procedures, personal protective equipment, explosives safety, etc.

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Once everyone is signed in on the tailgate brief sheet, the Supervisor aka SUXOS takes over and goes over the expectations of what's to be done.

From there, we start doing function checks on ordnance locators and setting Quality Control points for the GPS systems.

The team heads over to the area to be cleared called the "Grid." The Grid is usually 100' wide and may be 100' long or longer.

With ordnance locators in hand, the team systematically sweeps the surface, placing flags when they find some kind of ordnance whether completely in tact or broken apart or a reading that there's something under the surface.

The team walks side-by-side until reaching the end of the grid. The team then flips over allowing the last guy in line to now be the first in line. This allows the Tech to sweep over his own area ensuring there are no missed gaps.

This continues until the entire grid is complete.

The team may have been given a very large area lines that are 5-10' wide but are spaced 40-100' apart.

Sometimes the lanes cut through heavily wooded areas. The UXO team will then use week wackers and chainsaws to cut openings in the lanes so that they can be later swept by the team with the ordnance locators.

Due to the fact that the teams are remotely located, we bring our lunches and take 30 minutes to catch up on emails, text messages and calls while we eat. We also take a break or two each morning and afternoon.

At the end of the day, we re-check our GPS's and stow our gear to be ready for the next day.

If you have any specific questions, use the CONTACT US page or post the question here for public view.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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