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Do you continuously work for a certain contractor that hires you, or do you have to constantly look for work?

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Dec 22, 2010
Contract or Permanent UXO Employee
by: Anonymous

Trying to decide if you want to be a permanent or contract UXO employee is a tough decision and varies based on the lifestyle you're trying to achieve.

There are several ways to answer this question based on how you want to work as a UXO Tech.

If you're hired by a company that you like and have a good relationship with the team, you can stay with that company and travel around as they need you. You may have some gaps between jobs as they acquire new contracts.

I personally like to work with Tetra Tech NUS based out of Stone Mountain, GA and have done so for most of 2010. I'm not a permanent employee but I make myself available to them first.

If I have time off between contracts, I make it a mini-retirement and do the things I enjoy doing with family and friends. I'm not going to panic if I have a few weeks off.

If time is ticking and I need to get back to work, then I'll make an effort to look around and start lining up some work with another company.

Now if you do that, you must be prepared to turn down a job with your best company as you're on another contract. This may put you on the bottom of the stack of people they'll call for the next job but they will eventually get back around to you.

This is why I recommend getting your HAZWOPER Supervisor. These certificates make you more employable than the others in the stack you're competing with.

I have other companies that I work with on contracts that are OCONUS, Outside Continental US and companies that specialize in underwater UXO. The money and the travel make it worth the risk of missing a contract or two.

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Dec 22, 2010
Permanent or Contract UXO Employee
by: Steve Cassidy

Remember, if you're a UXO Tech, you have the HAZWOPER which opens some doors for natural and man-made disaster clean up. Also, get you handgun carry permit so you can pull some security details for these events as well. The money is great!

Another way to work as a contract UXO employee is to choose jobs based on geographical preferences. You may want to stay in a certain part of the country to be closer to home so you're there on your days off.

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I actually took a job that worked on a base Thursday through Monday so that I could attend a conference at that base on a Tuesday and Wednesday. I had no expenses attending the conference.

If you're looking for a permanent position with a company, you'll travel where and when they tell you. You'll be flown home every 6 weeks for some down time and then back on the grid.

This provides you more security and consistency in your pay and you'll be eligible for insurance and other benefits.

This is my least favorite way to work as I like to have the freedom to choose. Jim Corder, listed under the Success Stories section, loves being with the same company and knowing exactly when he's working. He's also living in a beach house now in North Carolina. Scratch that! North of San Francisco!

Either way, you're a UXO Tech and going to make a good living for yourself and your family.

If you have specific questions related to being Globally Employable, use either this forum or the Contact Me page.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you become Globally Employable.

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