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How is the employment outlook for UXO jobs? Is there a big need for UXO Techs and for how long?

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Oct 31, 2010
Very Strong Jobs Outlook for UXO
by: Anonymous

As a former Fortune 75 financial consultant, I spent many years analyzing companies and markets to help guide investors in making decisions on what companies to invest in.

You can be the best company making vinyl records but that market has dried up.

The US is the most bombed country in the world. France pulls out 400 pounds N.E.W of ordnance every day dating back to the French-Prussian War.

If we were to stop bombing today, it would take a couple hundred years to clean it up.

The US is in its' infancy as a superpower and our military will continue to practice bombing, shooting and developing weapons systems.

This translates into long-term opportunities for those with an UXO certificate will be able to work all they want. In fact, there are over 3500 munitions sites in the US alone that need to be cleaned up by UXO Techs!

There are several scenarios that EOD and UXO Techs will be working.

We will need to continue to clean up ranges so that the military can continue to safely practice operations. The more our service members practice, the more we'll be working.

As Iraq and Afghanistan cool down, the need for UXO Techs increases to dispose of left over ordnance and Explosive Remnants of War, ERW. The US doesn't want to leave it and it's cheaper to blow it up than to ship it back.

Another scenario is that military bases continue to enhance their capabilities by building new facilities including barracks, offices, child development centers, etc. Before earth moving gear comes in, the ground has to be cleared.

As the locators are only good for a couple of feet, UXO Techs will be available to sweep as the hole gets deeper. You may be on a job for months or years depending on how long the construction project takes.

As some bases expand, other bases are closing. Before the bases are turned over to local communities, the base must be cleaned up to meet standards before new developers can come in and start re-building.

Another opportunity for UXO Techs is to escort geophysics personnel to sample soils and water wells for volatile chemicals and fuels. These contracts state that UXO support must be provided while non-UXO personnel conduct tests.

Based on the above and as an EOD Tech and former financial advisor, I feel safe in saying that becoming a UXO Tech is a long term way to generate revenue.

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