UXO EOD Training

by Patricc
(Boise Id)

I am a commercial diver, supervisor and superintendent. I have Veteran status and service connected disability.

My question is; does my service connection hurt my employability?

I have undergone total hip replacement in OCT 2016. The hip is working fine and hasn't inhibited any topside and subsea operations so far.

Is going for my UXO cert a benefit for me being more job specific in this industry. Are there marine construction contractors out there that specialize in UXO EOD diving.

What particular school would these contractors mainly hire out of?

Of these dive contractors that indeed bid for subsea contracts, do they also bid on land based UXO/EXO projects as well?

I'm well aware that in diving if a project that comes up is specialty diving we will test out for that diving procedure. We will then need to get certified for that task such as UT, welding ETC. My question is, because I'm required to have my UXO cert on my own, can I be more marketable and freelance to other companies in need of a Tech1, or, do we hire on with specific companies only related to UXO topside and subsea?

Thank you kindly for any response. Patricc

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